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Things to do in Satpura Range

Satpura is a range of hills, encompassing the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The name Satpura means ‘seven folds’, and the mountain range extends for about 900 Kms. It is also home to the Satpura National Park, which holds the Satpura Tiger Reserve, a UNESCO heritage site. They have more than ten endangered species, including the Great Bengal Tiger. Besides the park, there are a lot of activities to do and places to visit, throughout the year. Contracted private tours and travels have every single amenities one can think of. Here is a comprehensive list of some of these sights. Make a travel itinerary, book hotels online and do your own investigation for various attractions.

1. Jungle safari

The prime attraction and the most important thing to do in Satpura is the Jungle safari. Open top 4×4 vehicles and the thrill that comes with it makes this one of the most intense experiences. Boat safaris are also available if you prefer a more fluid feel for your safari. After crossing the Denwa river, the forest department registers your entry and appoints a guide, a driver and off you go. Spotted deers, Porcupine Wild Boars, Nilgais, Leopards are some of the wildlife that you will encounter on the way.

The lush scenic forest also sets the ambience. Although the wildlife is a bit forgiving, the rules are as stringent. Prohibited items for safari include no alcohol, meat, and no use of heavy perfume, anything that might attract animals. Getting out of the vehicle is also restricted. There are two primary zones for safari, Madhai and Panaarpani, with two secondary zones, Jamani Devi and Parsapani. Choose the one which fits your mood, and enjoy your safari, to its fullest.

2. Nature walk

For a more relaxed, intimate indulgence of safari, the nature walk at the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. An area in common with the main forest, this safari focuses more on ancient structures and rock painting sites. The Flora and Fauna of this mode are a bit sparse, but you can still see Indian Giant squirrel, Four horn Antelope, Sloth Bear and a variety of butterflies. One can also see the Nature walk as a more primal experience, as you are surrounded by the intimidating jungle, without any limitations or obstacles. Truly, a remarkable experience.

3. Canoeing

To feel the serene atmosphere of the Satpura National Reserve, one can look up to the Denwa river. This quiet, tranquil water body is best experienced by canoeing through it. Usually, one canoe can fit two people, with a tour guide informing them about the birds, fishes and other fauna surrounding the river. A few resorts have private routes, so you have to book hotels online to see their services accordingly. Perfect for couples, it is a calming and self-reflecting journey to appreciate the little things of life.

4. Forsyth Camp Trail

Camping in the arms of nature is something one must do in their lifetime. The Satpura national park has an amazing trail, just for this. Captain James Forsyth walked these same pathways, about 150 years ago, and this gave it the name Forsyth Camp Trail. Since we live in the 21st century, the camping location has amenities such as twin-cot tents, Dry washrooms, and hot shower bags. Kitchen and housekeeping staff are also present to give you a personal touch to your stay here, with a plate of hot food in the cool jungle backdrop. Forget the metal-glass boxes of modern years, and savour the world of lanterns and flashlights. Feel nature cradle you under the starry sky with campfires warming your heart and body.

5. Night Safari

Missed the animal sighting during the day? Wondering about the nocturnal habits of wildlife? No worries, the night safari from 5:30 PM to 8 PM uncovers the darkest of secrets the forest holds. Explore the buffer zones of Paraspani and Sehra where animals return to their homes, while predators lurk in the shadows. For safety, the safari is carried out in the forest department watchtower. If you are lucky, the Spotted Rusty Cat can be seen, stealthily looking for prey. Listen to an entirely different atmosphere, for the night safari is a unique moment in the travels of Satpura.

6. Cycling

The bipedal enthusiast can feel the spirit of cycling run through the buffer zones of Satpura. The dry river beds, long off-road tracks and local villages give the route a scenic beauty missing from the urban monolith. With a little exercise and a little sightseeing, the bicycle tour is a perfect opportunity to explore new avenues. If you love cycling, this is a much-recommended activity encouraged to undertake.

With so many things to do, Satpura is a treasure trove of adventure, nature and stories, waiting to be made. Always, plan the journey, make your bookings online to avoid the hassle, and enjoy. The biodiversity is in perfect harmony. Respect it, and become one with it.

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