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For most game developers ready to launch their project, you have likely been preparing and testing your new game for months, if not years. Before you launch your product, though, it is best to raise interest and awareness. You can increase awareness and interest by organizing a launch party. At a launch party, you give those on the guestlist time to ask you questions, time to smooth out any issues or hiccups, and you get to show off your new product.

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Who will be Attending?

A guest list is essential to any good event or launch party. So, who are the industry experts that you want to invite? Your guest list needs to have a healthy mix of reporters, gaming fans, and industry experts. You want to inform people and raise awareness at the same time, so ensure that you get a good cross-selection of people. Working out who will be attending may be beneficial before you source a venue, simply because you then know roughly the size of venue you need, and you know more about what costs you are looking at.

What is the Budget?

Do you have a set figure for how much you want to spend? Does your budget include venue hire, food, and drink? If you do not have a budget in place for your launch party, then you can see costs quickly spiral out of control. Getting rough figures together, and getting your costs under control will allow you to establish a budget. Having a budget for the whole event as early on as possible will ensure that you can make compromises now at the early stages.

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Good Food and Drink

Your launch party must have good food and good drink in plentiful supply. Your attendees and guests will not want to be left waiting, so to ensure that all guests have a drink when they want to, you will need to hire Event Bartenders as these event professionals will ensure drinks services are efficient, smooth, and run with precision. Without professionals on board to assist you with drinks and food, you would struggle to create a launch party that flows, works, and leaves the right lasting impression.

The Entertainment

Of course, you want your new game to take center stage, and for this to happen you want to ensure that it is easy to play and easy to see by all attendees. In addition to having your new game on view and available to play on center stage, what other entertainment would you want to use? For example, do you want a DJ for music? Do you want any singers or dancers? Knowing what you want your new product launch to look, and feel like, will help you establish what entertainment you should invest in.

Expectations and Realities

You have spent a lot of time and emotions invested in your new product, and of course, naturally, you want your game launch to run as smoothly as possible. Setting expectations that are realistic is something that is very important to do. For example, expecting everyone to see and view your game is realistic, whereas expecting everyone to have the time to play it is not. Having expectations in place will ensure that you get the most out of your product launch.

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