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Singapore e-Visa online

Singapore is the home of many attractions for the tourist like the popular Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, from where you can have a panoramic view of Marina Bay. Besides that, Singapore is filled with cultural diversity. There are four official languages include English, Tamil, Malay, and Mandarin. Moreover, visitors get the chance to enjoy culinary experiences. In addition to that, Singapore is very class, considered one of the cleanest places worldwide. It’s due to the strict rules and regulations regarding littering and splitting.

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, know that it’s not difficult at all. All you need to do is book flights and accommodation. But, of course, one other important thing you need to have is to obtain a visa or make it even easier by applying for a Singapore online visa. But an online visa is only available for all eligible nationalities.

Eligible Countries Online Visa

Eligible Countries Online Visa

● Afghanistan
● Algeria
● Armenia
● Azerbaijan
● Bangladesh
● Belarus
● Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
● Egypt
● Georgia
● Hong Kong
● Iran
● Iraq
● Jordan
● Kazakhstan
● Kosovo
● Kyrgyzstan
● Lebanon
● Libya
● Macao Special Administrative Region
● Mali
● Moldova
● Moroccan
● Nigeria
● Pakistan
● China
● Russia
● Saudia Arabia
● Somalia
● Sudan
● Syria
● Tajikistan
● Tunisia
● Turkmenistan
● Ukraine
● Uzbekistan
● Yemen
● Russia
● Saudia Arabia
● Somalia
● Sudan
● Syria
● Tajikistan
● Tunisia
● Turkmenistan
● Ukraine
● Uzbekistan
● Yemen

Steps to Apply for Singapore Visa

Steps To Apply for Singapore Visa

The Singapore visa process is very straightforward, and anyone from Singapore eligible countries can apply for e-Visa or Sticker Visa from anywhere around the world. However, travel agents make the whole process easy and provide you with ultimate peace of mind while traveling. For example, visiting Singapore requires a Letter of Introduction (LOI). LOI is basically a letter sent from a permanent resident of Singapore. But not everyone has friends or family in Singapore so, travel agents can easily arrange that letter and submit your visa application. Here are the three simple steps for applying Visa for Singapore.

1. Fill Up Online Form

You can simply go to the official website and search for the visa application form. On the site, you’ll also see all the instructions and requirements for the Singapore online visa. Read everything carefully and download the form. Then, fill out the visa application form correctly and attach all the documentation listed in the requirement section. Once done, you can submit the visa application.

2. Pay Visa Fees

Once you’ve submitted the visa application, now you need to complete the due payment. On the site, you’ll see the payment method. Pay the Visa fees by following the payment method.

3. Wait for the E-mail

Now that you’ve submitted your visa application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Furthermore, if you get stuck anywhere throughout the process, you can always e-mail the officials and discuss your query. Also, there is a contact number on the site where you can all.

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Requirement for Singapore Online Visa

The requirement of a Singapore Visa can change depending on the time you’re planning to visit. However, we’ve listed down some of the general requirements of a Singapore online visa below.

● Passport: All the travellers applying for the Visa must hold a valid passport for a minimum of 6 months from the date of departure from Singapore.

● Letter of Introduction from a Singaporean: Some nationals also require a letter of introduction from any local of Singapore.

● Photographs: Two passport size recent photographs with white background must be from the last three months.

● ID Card: The ID card or the residence permanent of the traveller is also required.

● Visa application: If you’re using a travel agent of Singapore online visa, the company will handle the application for you. a

● Sufficient Funds: Travellers need to give proof of enough funds they may need to spend during their stay in Singapore.

● E-mail Address: A valid e-mail address is required where you receive the information and Visa. In case you’re using a travel agent, the company will manage it.

● Return Flight Ticket: A traveller is required to book a return flight ticket when applying for a Singapore Visa.

● Yellow Fever Vaccination: Travellers from some countries are required to present a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. Remember, it’s not mandatory for all. You can check that on the official Singapore Visa website.

Visa Processing Time

Visa Processing Time

The processing time of an online visa can vary from country to country. However, in general, if you’re applying from a professional visa processing agency, it takes around three working days after the payment process. On the other hand, the nationals not eligible for an online Visa can apply from the embassy, and the processing time can take around 3 to 20 days.

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Visa Fees

The visa fee of all nationalities is not the same. You can check the online visa fee for your country on Singapore’s official site. However, the average visa fee for everyone is between $25 to $100.

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Duration of Stay

A tourist visa allows you to stay up to 30 days. The validity period of the Singapore tourist visa is two years. If any person posses a multiple journey Visa, there’s no limit on the number of times he can enter Singapore using that Visa until it’s valid.

Visa Fees

Why Approved Visa Agent?

In order to apply for Singapore visa, you need to consult an approve visa agent as Singapore don’t take visa application directly. Even if you fill the complete application yourself, you cannot submit it. So, every travel is required to use a strategic partner or any Singaporian national to submit the visa application. Or you can also take assistance from professional visa sites like

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Is it safe to use online visa processing services for applying for Visa?

Many people are worried about using online visa services to apply for their Visa, which is entirely normal and beneficial. Because when you’re visa processing companies, you share all the personal details with them, and there may be a risk of information leaks. Nobody would want their critical information getting into the wrong hands. So, are online visa services trustworthy? Not all online companies are reliable. That’s why you should research and pick the one that has a secured database and good reputation. Little skepticism is essential when hiring any visa processing company for your work. However, a reliable online visa company can make your whole visa application process easy and quick. Also, applying Visa using a professional visa company increases the chances of a successful Visa.

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