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Cheese fries is a much-loved item these days and can be found on most western menus. There are so many different versions out there but KFC’s stays the closest to our hearts – We love the cheese fries from KFC and make it a point to order it every time we visit the fast-food chain. It goes so well with the fried chicken and burgers!

KFC Cheese Fries in Singapore

As far as we know, Singapore is the only place where KFC’s Cheese Fries are available. If you are a Singaporean staying in a foreign land and misses KFC’s delicious cheese fries, you can now make it yourself and add it to your list of comfort food.

Our recipe is easy to follow and the ingredients are widely available at supermarkets. The key to this recipe lies in the choice of cheese – don’t go for the fancy cheese that you see at the gourmet section, but rather the cheap sliced ones that come in a packet at the dairy section. Get the one that looks most orange in colour, similar to burger cheese, and that would be the one you want to use in this recipe. We also chose to bake our fries instead of frying it as it is healthier and less troublesome to make, although it will not be as crispy as fried ones.

KFC Cheese Fries Recipe (Serves 2)


– 2 medium-sized potatoes
– seasonings of your choice (or simply salt & pepper)
– 1 tbsp of oil (use Olive oil for a healthier version)
– 1/2 tbsp of butter
– a dash of cayenne pepper
– 2 tbsps of milk
– 3 slices of cheese (will explain later)
– Mayonnaise
– 1 long green onion


Step 1
Preheat the oven to 180 deg C. Peel the potatoes and slice them evenly into long thin strips of your desired thickness. Rinse to get rid of extra starch and roughly pat dry with a kitchen towel. (If you are making potato wedges, there is no need to peel but please wash thoroughly)

steps to make kfc cheese fries

Step 2
Transfer the potatoes to a large bowl and add seasonings. Salt and pepper would suffice, but we like to add a bit of extra flavoring such as garlic powder and paprika. Mix by hand. Drizzle some oil and mix again.

kfc cheese fries ingredients

Step 3
Line aluminum foil or parchment paper on a baking tray and scatter the fries evenly.

scatter the fries evenly

Step 4
Bake the fries in the oven for about 20 mins. For wedges, bake for 10 mins, flip the wedges, then do another 10. Depending on the size of your wedges cooking time may differ so you can also do 15 mins on each side if your wedges are bigger. Once cooked, place the fries on a shallow bowl or plate.

Bake the fries in the oven

Step 5
To make the cheese sauce, heat a small pot on medium and melt the butter. Add the milk. Mix slowly with a whisk or spoon. You can add more milk later depending on your desired consistency of the sauce.
Tear the cheese slices into small pieces so that it’s easier and faster to get them melted. Add them into the pot and continue to stir the mixture slowly.

ingredients to make the cheese sauce

steps to make the cheese sauce

Add a dash of cayenne pepper (optional) and if you choose to add more milk at this point please also add in a pinch of salt.

Add a dash of cayenne pepper

Step 6
Once the sauce reaches your desired thickness, remove from heat and pour it over your fries, because the cheese sauce thickens really quickly and becomes hard to pour unless you heat it up again. Top with mayonnaise, then garnish with green onions. Enjoy while it’s hot!

Singaporean KFC Cheese Fries

We hope that you have learned something new through our homemade KFC-inspired Cheese Fries recipe. Try it out and make this healthier version of delicious cheese fries for your loved ones today.

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