Are you wondering what guest posting is all about? To simply put it, a guest post is basically an article or a blog you write to get it published on any company’s website. That website does not belong to you, but your name is included at the end of your blog. This will be a guest blog post by you!

Your blogs need to be within the website’s industry, which means your blog has to be related to the niches they offer you to write on.
Guest posts hold mutual benefits for both the owner of the website and the blogger. How? You get to build relationships with peers in the same industry, attract traffic to your website, and, of course, you get a platform where you can show your talent.

What are the Benefits of Blog Posts?

If you are a writer and want to shoot for the stars, then this is your call. Guest posting gives you traditional publishing opportunities.
Once you have a guest post out there, you will eventually land up writing for a magazine, a news site, and even at other handsome paying publications.

You also get to expand your personal network. You get to connect with influencers, and also take part in email threads. Here various contributors come together to brainstorm potential topics, and you can get a chance to co-author posts with them.

It helps grow your following on social media! Not only can blog posting help in accelerating your lead generation but also give a boost to the follower count. The more your content is shared on media, the more your social media status grows.

When this happens, your content can easily get to your target audience, hence improving traffic to your own website! All you have to do is add links strategically to your guest post.

Why should you be guest posting on Easy Travel Recipes?

Well, who doesn’t want to step ahead? If you have the skills to grab the attention of the readers or you want to drive traffic to your website, you should definitely start guest posting with us!

If you write high quality, meaningful content, then guest posting serves as a great tool to build your domain authority. It helps you move up the SEO ranking if your content really aims to educate readers and is truly helpful.

Guest post service is great for search engines, especially if you are looking for your articles to rank on Yahoo, Google, or Binge. Adding a backlink to your content on our website makes it easier for readers to find your blog on search engines.

You get double the audience because when someone visits our website, there is a fair chance they will get a chance to read through your article.

Guest posting on Easy Travel Recipes will fortify your profile backlink, grow your brand awareness, and improve your online authority. Get started already if you have a food, lifestyle or a travel blog!

Guidelines for Easy Travel Recipes Guest Post

  • At least 1000 words or more.
  • Guest post topics should be related to Lifestyle, Travel or Food.
  • Use copyright/royalty-free images.
  • Please submit at least 1 or 2 high-resolution photos, our team will do editing for you.
  • The guest post needs to be exclusive for my blog only.
  • You are allowed to have 1 do-follow backlink to your own website/blog.
  • We will add internal and external links to improve SEO and make the article look more natural.
  • We will not accept post articles related to casinos, gambling and CBD oil, adult-content, drugs or alcohol.
  • Please proof-read and check your content spelling before submitting it to us.

Easy Travel Recipes provides opportunities to submit guest posts on our website. We only accept guest posts with topics related to Lifestyle, Food and Travel. Our aim is to build an online community to provide guides for couples to strengthen their relationship. This is a great way to share your experience and advice our readers on how to manage and level-up your relationship skills. Write to us to get more outreach and traffic for your website. It also helps to promote your business brand awareness and increase your backlink building and many more.