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“A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Definitely, any special occasion is made even more beautiful by having cakes! It’s always awesome to have something sweet and delectable that turns dull rooms into meaningful spaces. Good food, good company, good drinks and good cake always make a perfect combination!

Probably, there isn’t a day in the world when nobody celebrates a significant life event, right? Birthdays, anniversaries, child dedications, graduation celebrations, work promotions, baby gender reveals, acceptance to a new job and other remarkable life occasions are incomplete without a cake. It’s not something written in books and to be strictly observed, but that’s how it is universally customarily!

The countless milestones and jollies in life are the exact reasons why cakes never go out of style, and they are NEVER not wanted and NEVER not needed! What’s more, cake designs and styles keep evolving. They are getting better and more impressive through the years! That’s also why a lot of businesses are going into baking cakes and other pastries.

Talking about the currently popular discussions on food and sweets, you surely have noticed how minimalist Korean-style cakes are taking over social media timelines and feeds! If your feed isn’t like that, then now, you know! They are a HOT TOPIC!

Look up several online cake shops, and you will see how their common denominator nowadays are minimalist Korean-style cakes. And when Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms see your recent searches, your timelines will be filled with different stores selling those dainty cakes! From those, you will convincingly say to yourself, “Ah, so this is what they’re talking about.”

Now, you might want to know why minimalist Korean-style cakes are so in demand today. Read through the list of reasons written below, and you will surely find yourself nodding to them!

minimalist Korean-style cakes


Even at first look, minimalist Korean-style cakes catch attention, and they don’t even use force! Just their charm is enough to make heads turn and to make eyes sparkle.

Because of the unique look of Korean-style cakes, they are total eye-catchers. They can make anybody stare at them a little longer than they ought to! Their distinct and fun appearance sets them apart from the typical and standard designs of cakes, usually bought from widely known cake stores.

Some of these cakes are styled with one to three colors like the cake from the previous photo. As you can see from the mentioned image, the colors used were white and two shades of blue. They make the cake look thick and solid. The drip-style and the pearl sprinkles give it more texture. Such look of the Korean-style cake emphasizes the message since the backdrop is dark, thus, capturing attention indeed. These cakes are very elegant and dazzling!

happy 100 days cake

On the other hand, some of these kuchens are blasting with several colors! What’s more stunning is that no color collaboration is too boring for these fabulous cakes. Regardless if it’s the primary colors, the pastel colors or whatever color category, minimalist Korean-style cakes can manage them all.

They can clinch your attention and curiosity anytime of the day because their unconventional look makes them stand out!

cute design cake korean-style


Designs that will make you blush and giggle? Say no more. Minimalist Korean-style cakes are the masters of bonny and out-of-the-box motifs.

Undeniably one of the main reasons why many people are buying and wanting to have their own of these cakes is their overly cute designs! Yup, cuteness overload! You can see how numerous cake designers all over the world are so creative and talented through them too. However decorated or plain these Korean-style cakes could be, they are always lovable!

Their dash carries aestheticism. The experimental use of artistic color schemes is powerful that even little sizes of these cakes appear grand and splendid! Add-ons like sprinkles and fruits are peerless, and they give you more reasons to love them.

Minimalist Korean-style cakes

These cakes can make every notable milestone even more memorable because their designs are too gorgeous to be forgotten! Plus, you can send your own winsome layouts, to stores you’re connecting with, if you can’t find the dapper designs you’re looking for. Fantastic!

Minimalist Korean-style cakes are just too adorable that you find it hard to slice and eat them. You’d be thinking, ugh, too precious is their design for them just to be digested! But no worries, hun, you can just order or bake another one! *wink*

personalized cake


Having your favorite cake flavors on your special day is unmatched, but having your personalized cake changes the game. Minimalist Korean-style cakes take custom cakes to the next level of delight!

Probably one of the attractive aspects of these cakes is the natural personalization that can be done to them, and that is actually done to them by many bakers. The message on top or the sides does not have to be perfectly written like the typical cakes. They sometimes appear a bit messy, but you’re being tricked by your mind because that’s actually part of the personalized design. That proves even more how they are baked not just with love but with efforts as well!

Moreover, the already homely patterns of these cakes are made even cozier by the freedom brought by that kind of tailoring.

These Korean-style cakes suit any occasion. From birthdays to random days, you can get one for yourself or for your loved ones!

There are many stores that form their minimalist cakes with vegan products and gluten-free baking ingredients, so if you’re a health nut or simply looking after your diet, you can still have your customized cake. The flexibility in content is another reason why these cakes are so adored by people regardless of the food preference.

Flowers, sprinkles and chocolate bits are only some of the elements you can request to personalize your cake. Such cakes are perfect to be given as a gift. The receiver will love it a hundred percent!

The personalization of these minimalist Korean-style cakes enhances the experience, making it more exclusive and close to the heart.

minimalism Korean-style


The satisfying minimalism of Korean-style cakes give them an incredibly neat look! It makes clear what you want to tell through these savory foods!

Many people are not fond of cakes which are too decorated. They prefer simple and plain ones. They prefer minimalism. Food looks less cluttered or not at all.

guides to choose a nice cake

Minimalist Korean-style cakes prove that less is more. Little and plain things are not boring. They can make people blissful!

Don’t forget also that they make any photo clean and delicate. They are ideal for chic Instagram photos, so they are really a sensation!

white cakes


These cakes are not tiring to see though they are all over social media. Why? Because possibilities for designs, colors, decors and other variations are limitless! You can always find a fresh face of it from diverse cake stores, and that’s nice!

The standard clear-cut designs stretch out the range of options. Scanning the feed of minimalist cake bakers is relaxing! Instead of getting tired of the same old fancy, there’s always something spiked and new!

Influence of Korean dramas


Last but downright not the least, these minimalist Korean-style cakes are well-liked and well-received because of Korean dramas! Yes, it’s that chingu again!

Maybe it’s that cake in Heo Joon Jae’s house in the Legend of the Blue Sea, or that cake which the Goblin’s Bride blew by the sea? Remember the cake in A Thousand Days’ Promise? How about in Defendant? Many more K-Dramas to mention! They left a mark in many viewers’ memory!


Juniors and seniors in the K-World know how as a fan of these K-Dramas, you get hooked not only to the characters and the storylines but also to the lifestyles portrayed in these TV shows, which of course, include food.

K-Dramas display their appreciation for their own culture, and international fans adapt it to their own lives as well. Interests in food fashion are highly shaped.

The continuing influence of Korean dramas has a huge part in this hot topic! Aside from the fact that cute things, delicious food and nice colors altogether become the talk of the town, the superior culprit is actually these admired TV dramas and shows.


Absolutely, food trends are highly affected by the modern innovations happening in the world, the shifts in people’s interests and the lifestyles that they have and adapt through time. The booming fame of minimalist Korean-style cakes is one of the noticeable outcomes of these altogether. Truly, they’ve gotten something that matches up with people’s love for both pleasant food presentation and quenched penchant.


This article is written by: Nicole Ann Pore

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