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Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find something that both you and your partner can enjoy indoors. Well, this is not the case any more thanks to the internet. An emerging trend among couples is to enjoy multiplayer games using mobile apps. Most of these games are featured in popular lifestyle blogs including the Singapore couple blog, as well as travel guides for couples while they are on honeymoon. The following are some of the games you can enjoy.

Words with friends 2

Words with friends 2

This is best suited for couples who are good at playing with words. It works by arranging letters which the player will use to form words. A player will be awarded points based on the word formed as well as its length, and the player having the highest points will be the winner. One good thing about this game is that it can be enjoyed even when you and your partner are physically apart.

The game can be downloaded for free and can be accessed via Android and iOS.

PUBG mobile game app


Every couple that loves action movies will definitely fall in love with this game. It is a popular and addictive game based on survival tactics. You and your partner will be placed in an isolated island with 98 other players. Everything, from weapons to food, will be available on the island but you will have to find them while struggling to survive. The couple that will remain alive at the end of the game will be the winners.

This game is accessible via Android. It is free but some additional features can be purchased to maximize the gaming experience.

heads up guessing game

Heads Up

This is another fun game involving guessing. As opposed to other games where players play against each other, this one involves helping each other. Players are required to choose a deck that will provide them with a random card. One player will hold the card while the other tries to provide clues to enable guessing what the contents of the card are.

The game can be played by two or more people. All players can use a single device and have the freedom to set their own rules.

Happy couples

Happy couples

This game is suitable for both new couples as well as those that have been in a relationship for a long time. It not only helps couples to have some fun but also helps to get to know each other better through initiating interesting topics for discussion. The Singapore couple blog and other lifestyle blogs have featured stories of how this game has helped to strengthen relationships.

The game can be accessed via a variety of devices. It also allows for distant partners to enjoy the game together.


Most travel guides for couples will recommend multiplayer game apps for couples to enjoy while traveling or relaxing in their hotel rooms. These games not only help create fun but also play an important role in helping couples to bond. You can check for more of these games in lifestyle blogs like the Singapore couple blog.

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