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Every year, thousands of international students go to Canada for their higher studies. One of the biggest questions in students’ minds is how to find accommodation in Canada that is suitable for them. Students generally look for affordable housing that is not too far from the campus and has access to all the necessary amenities. Finding the right kind of accommodation should be the first on your checklist when planning to move abroad as a student.


To find accommodation in Canada for students, one must thoroughly examine all the available housing types. Some of the options are on-campus housing, apartment rentals, and homestays. Students need to choose carefully among the different housing options since each comes with advantages and disadvantages. This article will help understand how to find accommodation in Canada for students.

Where to stay in Canada as a student

Choosing on-campus housing will allow you to stay in or around the university campus, reducing your travel time and expenditure on transport. Off-campus housing provides more flexibility in terms of costs and location. Selecting an apartment or a condominium located in the city will allow you to truly experience the local lifestyle and culture. Nearby neighbourhoods can be explored, and a wide variety of food options are also available for students choosing to stay outside the campus.

The average cost of rent in Canada varies based on the location. Bigger cities like Toronto have higher rent pricing, while smaller cities and towns have more affordable options. Another factor determining price is the number of people one chooses to live with. Living alone is the most expensive housing option, costing above CAD 1200 for a single room or studio apartment. A more affordable option popular among students is renting out an apartment as a group of 3-5 individuals. That will give you access to a single room and shared dining, living room, and kitchen area. These and other housing options suitable for international students arriving in Canada are listed below.

Accommodation options in Canada for international students

For those concerned about how to find accommodation in Canada for students, the following options are affordable and convenient:

1. On-campus housing- Most universities provide student accommodation in dormitories or condominiums. Dormitories are shared by several students and are generally given to first-year students. Senior students have access to condominiums shared by 3-5 individuals, where each gets a single room and a common kitchen, dining, and living room area. On-campus housing is a popular option for international students since it is located within or close to the campus, provides access to all amenities, and hosts a diverse international student community. Rent for a single room here can cost between CAD 700-1000, but can vary depending on the university. Meal plans are also available in most universities, with meals being provided in common dining halls. Visit your university website’s housing section for further details.

2. Renting an apartment/condominium- Many students opt for a rental agreement between 3-5 individuals for a single townhouse or condominium. The rent price for a single bedroom per month can range between $700 and $1200 and depends on the location, proximity to the university, and the facilities provided. The cost of utilities is not covered by the rent and requires students to pay additional charges.

3. Subletting- This is another popular housing arrangement that international students choose, where an existing tenant leases out the apartment to students. This option provides students with fully or semi-furnished apartments and is affordable. However, it is essential to review all the terms of the lease agreement with the original owner and the person who is subletting the apartment.

4. Homestays- Students can choose to stay in a room in a house occupied by a family. This allows students to interact with local people and experience the Canadian lifestyle truly. The price of homestays can cost anywhere between CAD 600-and 1000. Homestays are one of the most affordable options, and meals are also usually provided by the family, making them very convenient for students.

Homestay arrangements can also be made where housing is provided free of cost to the student for doing household work such as cooking, cleaning, or babysitting. While this allows students to cut costs, it is essential to consider whether one will have enough time to balance these duties with their studies.

Tips for finding accommodation and living on a budget in Canada

· Housing comes first- After gaining admission to a college abroad, finding the right housing option should be a student’s priority. If you are choosing on-campus housing, keep in mind that rooms here are limited in number and can get occupied quickly.

· Proximity to the campus- If you choose to stay outside the university campus, it is advisable to choose accommodation that is not more than one hour away. Students will have to account for travel time while attending classes and the transport costs.

· COVID-19 regulations- Consult with your university’s housing website and local health authority websites before choosing accommodation. Universities may reduce the number of individuals allowed to rent out a single condominium as per COVID-19 regulations. Finding housing on campus might be more challenging in this case, and might require you to consider other options.

· Carefully read the rental agreement-Students must go through all the terms and conditions listed in the contract and abide by them. Additional expenses for utilities such as electricity, gas, and water may not be included in the rent.


There are multiple factors that international students need to consider when finding housing in Canada. Some options may be more affordable but may carry other disadvantages like being located further from the campus and not having access to amenities. This article will help international students identify the kind of accommodation that is most suitable. You can also contact Rentospace: Best global student accommodation provider for further assistance.

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