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Millennials have a lot of flaws as a generation, but we definitely do not deserve that much hate, especially taking into consideration the way we single-handedly elevated travel culture. The millennial generation is beloved by locals, travel guides and all other people in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry because we are flexible, understanding and not at all demanding. And there are so many things all tourists can learn from this generation. If you’re ready for a travel course held by millennials travellers, stay tuned and take notes.

Do your research

1. Do your research

It’s cool to wing your trip and enjoy the surprise, but millennial travelers love to be prepared. A few weeks before you make any bookings, do the research, dig through travel websites, choose the best flights and take your time to choose the best destination for your wishes, needs and abilities. We understand that there’s no one else to blame for our oversights but us.

travel deals

2. Opt for travel deals

Between student loans, mortgages and high unemployment rates, millennials have a ton of debt that pushes us to be smart and thrifty when traveling. If you also way to save up yet see the world, shop around for the best deals, do plenty of research before you embark, collect travel rewards and use your free miles. Also, if you can score a discount, no matter how small, take it—it will pile up and result in more travel!

travel flexible

3. Be flexible

We understand that the world doesn’t spin around us, so flexibility is one of the best millennial traits. When booking flights, booking accommodation and reserving excursions, be flexible and open-minded. If you don’t try to force things, you’ll often see that weekdays, mornings and late nights are cheaper for flying, checking in and traveling in general. Also, consider great date flexibility and traveling off season—you’ll avoid crowds and strike cheaper prices.

traveller guide

4. Walk or cycle

Millennials are the most eco-friendly generation, but that’s not the main reason why we choose to explore on foot or using a bicycle. Walking and cycling slow down your trip and allow you to see a great deal of the destination. And when you feel very adventurous, you can leave the map at the hostel and just wander around—you’ll get the best feel of the destination and discover many hidden gems.

Travel light

5. Travel light

While previous generations went all-in on packing, millennials choose to travel lightly, focusing on things that can be mixed and matched and easily interchangeable. This way, with only a few stylish items, you can create different outfits perfect for any occasion. Traveling light is perfect for road trips, backpacking and any other style of travel because it allows for great freedom and mobility. Plus, it’s cheaper too, because you don’t have to pay for costly bag check-ins.

Look stylish

6. Look stylish yet comfortable

To show respect for the destination and hide the obvious fact that you’re a tourist, make sure to always look well-dressed, especially in Europe. And you can still travel light if you pack the right items that will show your fashion taste and bring out your elegance. For instance, Millennials often rely on accessories to elevate their outfits so if you have a basic black combo, spice things up easily with a fashionable cowhide handbag that will add interest and practicality to your look. This addition is perfect both for day walks and nights out, so it’s a versatile accessory worth bringing with you. Millennials simply refuse to feed the tourist stereotype of cargo shorts and t-shirts, and we should all follow suit.

Skip hotels

7. Skip hotels

By skipping hotels, millennials manage to cook meals, store food and enjoy much more freedom by booking self-catered accommodation. If you’re staying at your destination for longer, Airbnbs usually provide you with more space so you can be comfortable during rainy days and lazy evenings. Just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean you have to eat out every day or go for drinks every night.

8. Focus on exploration

Booking tours and guides make traveling very easy, but they actually rob you of the true travel experience which focuses on exploration. Instead of choosing group tours, do your own research and find out things about places you’re actually interested in. And don’t hesitate to wander around aimlessly, getting lost and discovering spots that usually don’t make it into the guidebooks and tours. If you need a guide, though, pay a local to show you around or book an independent niche tour. This is usually much cheaper and much more fun and authentic.

local advice

9. Take local advice

For the best travel experience, do what locals do. For instance, when eating out, ask locals about their favorite places and meals. Or you can also choose accommodation in a local neighborhood instead of choosing an overpriced hotel in a tourist spot. Choose bars, shops and restaurants frequented by locals instead of those created strictly to attract tourists. When offered local advice, take it and you’ll often discover the true heart and soul of the destination and avoid lengthy queues and hefty prices.

travel backup plan

10. Have a backup plan

Traveling without a backup plan is very risky because no matter how well you plan your trip, things often go astray. Come up with a plan B in case your flight gets delayed, the weather is bad or you can’t eat the local food. This way, you’ll still have plenty of fun even when your original plan falls through.

travel is the learning experience

11. Learn something wherever you go

Travelling is the best learning experience and millennials know that very well. Make your every trip as culturally rich as possible. Try out new activities to get a new perspective of the world, communicate with locals to see their way of life, enjoy the food that’s different from yours and pick up a few phrases in the local language. Awaken your curiosity about the world and learn something wherever you go. These experiences will give you a deeper understanding of places, people and yourself.

With these best travel tips from millennials, you’ll not only get to experience travel in a new light but also save up money, boost your fun and fall in love with traveling all over again.

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