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Are you planning your ultimate road trip? Traveling by car can be a fantastic experience. The idea of hopping in your car and driving off into the horizon is a timeless notion for the ultimate family or friends’ vacation.

Not only do you get to decide the overall pace of the holiday, but you also get to explore the scenery and experience different parts of the world you wouldn’t if you traveled by plane. You are in charge!

That said, you will have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. And one way to maximize your comfort and overall experience when out on the open road is to be equipped with the right gear. Here are five must-have car gadgets and accessories for a safe and comfortable ride along the way.

safe and comfortable ride

1. Roof Racks and Cargo Box

Roof racks and cargo boxes make a huge difference during long, out-of-town road trips by ensuring the journey is as fun as the destinations.

Even with a big SUV, you will probably need more space to haul bulkier items such as bikes, sports equipment, and heavy luggage. Having a roof rack provides the best solution to transport your road-trip must-haves no matter the size or shape.

Roof racks and cargo boxes also provide important aspects that standard storage cannot, especially on long road trips. They free up space for other functions such as more legroom in the car and improved safety, especially during long road trips. The additional weight inside the vehicle can make it challenging to travel on rough terrains or uphill.

By installing a roof rack, you will have an easy time maximizing the car’s safety features, have a clear view, and the ability to maneuver your vehicle with ease.

Several businesses, such as a roof rack city, offer this car accessory in different sizes, uses, and materials. This variety will make it easier to choose a roof rack that best suits your car and your storage needs for your road trip.

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2. Cell Phone/GPS Device Car Mount

A good cell phone or GPS device mount is integral to the ultimate road trip as mug holders and your new playlist! There are a few good reasons for this, but the biggies are that the mount makes it easier to use your phone or GPS device while driving and free up both of your hands to hold the wheel.

You can answer important phone calls or update your loved ones about your trip without having to pick up your phone. You can also easily follow your GPS device in a hassle-free manner instead of picking it up to look at the directions while driving.

The ultimate road trip, especially in remote or unfamiliar places, calls for distraction-free driving, and it all boils down to choosing the right smartphone/GPS device mounting system!

3. Dash Camera

One of the most important factors to consider during your road trip is safety. Perhaps the main reason all drivers need a dash camera is that it can be useful in monitoring the road and will provide real-time and conclusive proof in case of an accident. This saves you a lot of time and all the fuss that comes with accidents.

A dash camera will also allow you and your loved ones to track your road trip, which can be crucial in an incident. Besides safety, road trips are all about fun breaks, landscapes, a few pranks, and chats! A dash camera provides the ultimate way to capture moments of events inside the car and the road.

dash camera for road trip car

4. Phone Chargers/Power Banks

No matter the length of your road trip, you’re going to need to keep your phone charged. This is because having a fully charged phone can be the difference between calling for help in case you run into a major mechanical failure or sitting there staring at a deserted road lurking your head for the next step.

It’s also important to have multiple portable car chargers and power banks, especially when making a group trip, to avoid hogging the car charging port the whole time and ensuring everyone has a charged device. With the many things to do and see, you want to keep all devices charged and ready to go!

5. Cooler and Warmer

A cooler and warmer are a must-have car accessory for the ultimate road trip. This is because you will need to pack a few snacks and beverages to keep you going. Also, you want to make sure you minimize your stops at store outlets and maximize on more interesting stops or places that pop up along your drive.

A good rule of thumb is to go for a cooler that doubles as a warmer for chill refreshments or hot meals on the go. Their lightweight design also makes coolers/warmers a great option, especially when traveling as a group and don’t want something heavy or bulky to haul around.

cooler for road trip


Whether you are traveling as a group of friends or with your family, road trips can be a lot of fun.
They are also more flexible compared to other forms of travel and provide you with some much-needed recharge. And now that you are fully armed with a list of must-have car gadgets and accessories be spontaneous, and plan your ultimate road trip getaway!

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