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A day might not be enough to discuss the wide variety of writers that exist in the world. There are so many types, such as those that write for business brands, for novels, for plays, for movies and for social media; these are just some. The classifications and their subtypes are many, and they all vary from each other. But something similar, you ask? It’s the need for leaving their desk for a while to travel.

Why talk about travel out of the blue? Well, you better keep reading. Here are 6 reasons why travelling is something that writers must do.

sedentary lifestyle

1 – It’s a stationary job that mostly promotes a sedentary lifestyle

First things first, let’s talk real. If you are a writer, what do you usually do? Obviously, you write. You write most of the time or every single day. Sitting down in front of your workspace, you produce amazing output that you work really hard for. From thinking to writing to publishing, needless to say, there are days when you almost never leave your office chair. Definitely, just by the thought of it, the job of writers is a stationary job that mostly promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

Some people would say that it still depends on the person, like he/she can choose to make time to exercise and stuff like that. However, that’s not the case for most writers, and many can attest to that. What’s more, it’s not so easy to set an active daily routine in a life that’s filled with desk work – this is the modern day’s reality.

Go travel! It could last a whole day or a couple of days. You don’t have to do it every now and then, but each trip will make you move and engage in physical activities. When you travel, you get up from your work table and out of your covered office and house. It’s a time for you to step into action, going from itinerary to itinerary and experiencing awesome adventures.

travelling ideas

2 – Travelling opens wells of new ideas

No one has the right to underestimate the job of writers, especially content and creative writers, for it’s something without a formula or a fixed answer. Their outputs are results of their own creativity, experiences, knowledge, personalities, emotions and more elements flowing from their minds and hearts. And it’s clearly not easy.

As a content writer, I always say, anyone may be able to write, but not everyone can write like a content writer. Not everyone can write like an actual writer for that matter. This is what makes writers’ work exceptional and challenging at the same time.

Travelling helps writers because it opens wells of new ideas about what to write or how to write. The restaurant loved by locals, the tourist attraction viral on social media, the hotel accommodation recommended by travelers, the road trip routes popular among drivers and cyclists – wherever you visit, you will certainly garner sources of information, which you can create write-ups from!

If you desire to boost and improve your way of developing unique topic ideas and stories, don’t hesitate to travel. As you see new places and be part of wondrous travel pursuits, you will definitely find and bring about brand-new ideas!

beach lifestyle

3 – Soak under the sun, and breathe fresh air

Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, writers sitting all day (and even all night) obtain a lack of exposure to sunlight and consumption of fresh air. These two natural elements are needed by the human body. They are important for people’s health.

Though it’s just temporary, writers must travel to escape the roofed building where they always stay in. The air coming from the air conditioning unit is not always healthy. You need to breathe in clean fresh air too.

Writers should step out of the office also because receiving the sun’s warmth strengthens the immune system, and it’s something they don’t really achieve while seated in the office. Aside from getting nutrients for the skin, stress levels will be reduced, and mood will be enriched. This helps writers write more productively!

Meeting new people

4 – Meeting new people is an opportunity to learn

Regardless of whether writers travel alone, with a buddy or with a group, travelling allows them to encounter unfamiliar faces. Among these people, they can build friendships or at least create small connections. Here, meeting new people is an opportunity to learn, thus writers gain an opportunity to share thoughts and stories through their writing.

Especially when you speak and spend time with foreign people and locals in your trip destination, you surely discover a lot of things regarding the country, culture, food and travelling in general. As a writer, you can use those interactions with new people to come up with good stories, articles and essays.

travel topics

5 – Great travel experiences are great content topics

One of the topics that many writers love to write about is their own experiences. Of course, what’s more comfortable than writing about something you yourself know by heart because you were there, you have been there, and you have done this and that? I believe none.

With that, great travel experiences are great content topics. Travel, and write about your trip or a part of it that you find perfect for your write-ups. Such outputs make a writer’s heart truly happy because this time, you’re not only writing for readers, but you’re writing for you to keep a diary or a remembrance of your beautiful trip.

travelling guide alone

6 – Overcome the terrible writer’s block

Every writer encounters some days filled with dark clouds. It’s when you cannot think of what to write. There’s like a clogging in your head, and thoughts cannot properly enter. You feel like you’re running out of ideas and words. You’re not excited to pick up your pen or to type on your keyboard. There’s no motivation. This is what the writer’s block looks and feels.

Travelling helps writers overcome this terrible writer’s block. You can unwind and recharge your mind; it might just be exhausted because of the daily writer’s work, that’s why it doesn’t want to cooperate. As you go out on a trip, you can absolutely enjoy and gain inspiration from the new environment and relaxing adventures. Refuel your drive by standing up from your desk and travelling somewhere work can’t interfere!

Experiencing the writer’s block might be a big sign that you need rest and leisure, and travelling is one of the best ways to do that.


The list above explains everything. Writers have a task that they enjoy but at some point, they get sick with it. It’s always their pen and paper or their computer screen and keyboard that’re in front of them. There are times when these writers are not at their best selves, and so the way they write and produce content and stories is unfavorably affected too.

If you are a writer reading this now, hey, you don’t always have to write. You can always take a break when you need to. In fact, even when you feel like you’re still not tired, you should also take pauses because you might overwork your mind. Travel. Take time to travel. Write and wander, then write again. You will see wonderful fruits and become a better writer every now and then.

Nicole Ann Pore

Author Nicole Ann Pore

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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