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Is your location not offering enough wedding venues? Are they not up to your liking? Do you have a specific backdrop in your head when you imagine your wedding? Or do you just want to have a perfectly unique and exciting wedding? Then a destination wedding is made just for you! If you’re not sure where to send your wedding guests, here are a few top 2022 destination wedding locations to choose from:

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you’re dreaming of amazing wine, great food, beautiful sites and friendly locals ready to make your wedding super special, take your wedding party to Amalfi Coast in Italy. This destination is special because it’s so dramatic, with cliffs that scratch the sky and soak their feet in the sea. Amalfi has many beautiful towns to explore, beaches to enjoy and pasta to stuff yourself with after the wedding. And there are plenty of villas and palaces that organize weddings like Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, Hotel Palazzo Murat in Positano and Villa Eva in Ravello.

Ibiza travel guide

Ibiza, Spain

When people hear the name Ibiza, they instantly see crazy nightclubs, multiple-day beach raves and heaps of young, unhinged party people. Well, this Spanish island has so much more to offer than top clubs. Ibiza has a side that’s very peaceful and magical. If you’re visiting from Europe, you can be in Ibiza in less than 3 hours by plane and the tickets are quite affordable. And since the weather is always pleasant on the island, rural retreats and private villas welcome guests ready to tie the knot all year round. If you’re looking for a perfect venue with traditional architecture, you’ll find plenty of these, but many opt for a beach wedding. Venues like Elixir rest on a sandy cove, so you can’ be closer to the sea than this.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is really blessed with beauty wherever you turn, and with you and your future spouse there, the island will become complete. You’ll be greeted with thick and lush greenery, the iconic Pitons looking proudly over the island and miles of sandy beaches made for relaxation. While you can just find a resort and enjoy your stay there, Saint Lucia is more focused on nature. If you choose the right accommodation for your party, your guests will have so many things to enjoy outdoors. From December to May, you can expect perfect wedding weather and plenty of beautiful venues. If you want something truly special, then choose Jade Mountain, a beautiful resort perched above the sea. This resort is the pinnacle of tropical luxury with in-room infinity pools, stunning jungle views and the freshest food you’ve ever tried.

Nantucket, USA

Nantucket is a popular wedding destination in the USA and for all the right reasons. It’s brimming with charm, golden beaches and picturesque houses. This island is quite small but busy (especially in the summer), but resorts are designed to provide top-notch privacy, so you can enjoy peace and serenity on your wedding day. Nantucket is known for great food, so you can expect to enjoy a true feast during your reception, and make sure to book everyone for the wedding breakfast. Perfect times for a Nantucket wedding are between March and April and September and October because the weather is perfect, nature is wonderful and people haven’t arrived yet to overcrowd the area.

Caribbean, Mexico

The Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the world’s unique places to celebrate important life events such as weddings, anniversaries, and so on. Awesome white sand beaches, sun, and their tasty cuisine make the atmosphere relaxing and calming there. Stunning backgrounds are the ideal setting for your wedding day and will ensure that it is one to remember. After all, who could say no to an island brimming with picture-perfect beaches, spectacular sunsets, and endless adventures? The trouble is that planning wedding thousands of miles away on a tropical island is no easy task. When you don’t know the area and don’t live close enough to see genuine vendors in person, deciding who to hire and where to stay to make your ideal wedding a reality can be difficult, that is why wedding planners such as Paradise Weddings are life savers. It’s one of the rare places on the planet that promises the best-relaxed beach vacation. Whether you want to combine adventure with relaxation, get acquainted with hundreds of years of colonial history with fascinating culture, meet incredible animal species or spend a romantic honeymoon there, it has something for you.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Australia

If you’re dreaming of a beautiful beach wedding that’s also close to all the best modern venues and the luxuries and comforts of civilization, then Sydney should be at the top of your destination wedding planning list. This city is blessed with all the best things—amazing infrastructure, beautiful architecture, gorgeous beaches, wild rivers, picture-perfect surrounding nature…And the closeness of civilization is the best reason to have a beach or riverside wedding in Sydney because you can simply move to a closed venue whenever you feel like it. And in case you forget something like flowers, you can rely on same day flower delivery in Penrith and solve all your issues without any stress. And beautiful flowers will fit in your perfect backdrop of Sydney nature and make it even better.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali is quite remote for many people, but the flight is more than worth it, just like with Sydney. This paradise island has long been known as the top honeymoon destination, but now, you can even have your wedding there and continue your vacation after. Bali is true tropical heaven with a blue sea, white beaches, dramatic mountains and picture-perfect rise terraces. There are so many things you and your wedding party can do, from lounging at the beach to exploring markets and temples or diving for interesting fish. If you want your wedding to be completely private, choose a villa that caters to weddings, and make sure that it overlooks the peaceful Indian Ocean.

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

This is a completely new wedding destination so be among the first ones to try it out. The waterfall on the Zambezi River, right on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks to the beauty of nature and some smart eco-friendly investors, we have wonderful resorts there, catering to wedding travelers. The waterfall itself is perfect for weddings, and you’ll certainly have the best wedding photos out of all your friends. If you’re looking for venue ideas, consider Matetsi Victoria Falls—it’s stylish, it’s traditional, it’s contemporary, it’s lux, and it’s welcoming. This safari lodge is built on a private game reserve, so you and your wedding party can expect plenty of safari drive opportunities and animal encounters. If timeless elegance is more your style, Victoria Falls Hotel should be your first choice of wedding venue.


Marrakesh, Morocco

The feel of Marrakesh is unique, timeless and enchanting, and your wedding can look the same if you choose Morocco as your wedding destination. As you prepare for the wedding, you can spend your days checking out the bazaar, eating fresh street food and enjoying the people in the main square of Marrakesh. And if you decide to stay longer after the wedding, you’ll still have many activities to try out. When it comes to your venue, don’t you worry at all. Marrakesh is full of beautiful riads and hotels with a romantic vibe and a private atmosphere.

Ready to say “I do” in a romantic destination? Choose any of these perfect wedding destinations and have the wedding of your dreams.

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