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Pat yourself on the back if you have already taken the initiative to plan a memorable milestone event in your life. So you’ve decided to tie the knot with your special someone and now comes another task of organizing a wedding. You either want it grand or intimate, but perhaps both? This is where one question always comes into play, “How much does it cost to hire a florist in Singapore?”

Cheap Florist in Singapore

If you plan for big bucks for your wedding flowers, best you sit down because this could be an expensive affair.

Here are several reasons why florists might save you thousands of dollars:

1) You don’t need to overspend

Cheap florists are not the same as cheap flowers. You still want quality flowers that will last your special day, but you just have to go for less expensive options.

2) They are innovative

Cheap florists in Singapore can be creative and develop unique designs at affordable rates because of their passion for working with flowers. Be sure to communicate what your interests are, so their ideas are based on the information provided.

3) They are very flexible

Instead of having specific arrangements, you can discuss your wedding theme or venue with them, which allows them to come up with something more unique. For example, if you have a garden setting, they might use some grasses or branches as part of the decoration.

4) They are environment friendly

Cheap florists in Singapore have already been using less water, using biodegradable materials, and choosing flowers that last longer. These are some ways to cut back on your expenses when searching for wedding flowers in Singapore. You don’t want to create too much waste during your big day.

5) They will assist you in creating an original design

If you’re still struggling with ideas, why not let them propose some flower arrangements which match your taste? Their flower creations might just give you inspiration for other decorations in the venue that complements their floral designs.

wedding florists in Singapore

6) They allow creativity in every arrangement

A lot of cheap wedding florists in Singapore may not be limited to traditional floral designs or colors. Be open about your needs and let them be imaginative in creating arrangements that match the ambiance of the occasion.

7) They are available at short notice

Most florists will be able to accommodate your last minute, but for a cheap florist in Singapore, you don’t have to worry because they can even help out with emergency cases like funeral flowers. This saves you time and money, not having to worry about arranging something else when there’s a death in the family.

8) They speak a lot of languages

A cheap florist in Singapore understands that not everyone speaks English and will readily address your concerns when uncomfortable with the language barrier. This is an advantage over other florists because it allows them to be more accommodating when dealing with customers from other countries.

9) There are great discounts available

Yes, this last point isn’t about the cheap part but if you’re organising a wedding in Singapore or any major event for that matter, then thought has to be invested into looking for a discount florist in Singapore. Just by asking around, family and friends might know someone who can give you a good deal.


There is no doubt that a cheap florist has its advantages, and if your main goal is to save money, then you can’t go wrong with them. Take a look around, and there are many local and international florists offering quality arrangements at affordable prices.

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