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The closure of bars and restaurants to the public was one of the first measures decided to contain the coronavirus epidemic in every country. After the initial disorientation, when it became clear that the time for the reopening of these activities will still be long, many places have decided to dedicate themselves for the first time to home deliveries.

In a recent Facebook post, we read about an elderly couple who turned to food delivery service to support their family and chose not to become a burden in the hard times of the corona pandemic.

The owner of HOMuSushi restaurant in Thailand was surprised when an elderly couple riding a motorbike came to their restaurant to collect the deliverables after receiving the order from a food delivery application.

couples in thailand

Image credit: Phakhanut Blackbox/Facebook

After having a chat with the elderly uncle, the restaurant owner found out that the uncle “doesn’t want to be a burden” to his family during the coronavirus pandemic so while he “still has energy” he decided to become a Grab delivery driver to earn his own income.

But while uncle is out about town working, aunty would be left home alone and was afraid of being lonely. So uncle invited her to come along while he delivers orders.

She also stays with their motorbike to keep an eye on their bags while uncle goes to pick up food from each restaurant.

If you distinguish yourself among the best, reliable and punctual riders, you can have access to career opportunities in the operational headquarters of the food delivery companies, for example in the role responsible for orders. In this case, you will become the person in charge who follows the rides of the riders on the monitor in real-time, in order to guarantee a fast and efficient service.

How to Become a Rider: food delivery platforms

To start working as a rider, you must apply directly on the institutional website of the main food delivery platforms. For example, if you are interested in Just Eat, you will need to fill out an application form with your data by creating an account and uploading the personal documents requested directly to the Just Eat link. A person on the team will then contact you to help you get started. You will be required to download the Just Eat Rider app to choose your hourly availability for deliveries. You can manage your work in complete autonomy and you will be paid weekly by bank transfer to the current account.

Deliveroo will ask you to fill in an online application form and to own a scooter or bicycle, have a smartphone with Android or iOS system, be able to work in Italy and therefore be an Italian, if foreigner then have a residence permit. You can therefore apply through the Careers section of the Deliveroo website by entering your contact details, choosing whether to offer occasional, part time or full time availability. If your application is accepted, Deliveroo will provide you with the equipment to make deliveries and benefits such as discounts at bicycle repair shops, restaurants, travel agencies and smartphone repair points.

But in this delicate situation also for food delivery it is necessary to take some extra precautions to protect customers and employees. For this reason, most restaurants have drawn up guidelines for premises that offer home delivery of food, drinks.

Safety Measures to Take in Pandemic

In fact, companies that have never offered a food delivery service find themselves carrying out activities for the first time that are not foreseen by their sanitary self-control plans. Furthermore, it is necessary to adopt stringent measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission between employees, suppliers, delivery personnel and consumers, also considering dishes and containers.

food containersMany places closed to the public for coronavirus have decided to dedicate themselves to food delivery for the first time

In particular, in the premises the safety distances between employees must always be guaranteed by spacing the workstations, using last mile delivery software for on demand delivery solution, changing the shifts to reduce the number of people present at the same time in the environments where food is prepared. Furthermore, workers must be trained and made aware of the new rules and the need to adopt more stringent hygiene measures. This include washing hands more often than usual, avoid touching the face, etc. while utensils and kitchen surfaces must be sanitized more frequently in order to grow your delivery business from the COVID-19. To guarantee the safety of employees, especially where it is not always possible to guarantee spacing, employers must provide special protective devices, i.e. masks, disposable gowns and over-shoes.

contactless food delivery With online payment, delivery can be made without any contact between the delivery man and the consumer, leaving the food in front of the door

Even the delivery must be made safely, always keeping the distance of at least one meter and asking the consumer, when ordering, to receive the delivery man wearing a mask, in the case of payment on delivery. When paying by credit card online, delivery can be made by leaving the food in front of the recipient’s door, who will only pick it up when the delivery man has left.

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