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Mykonos Island

Part of the Greek Cyclades group of Islands, Mykonos is one of the most popular European summer holiday destinations. It attracts visitors from all over the world with its picturesque beaches, luxurious resorts, summer party atmosphere, and wild nightlife. Each corner boasts of a host of museums and art galleries, shopping centres, bars, and restaurants.

You can indulge in delectable Greek food while you enjoy scenic summer sunset. The best luxury villas for a vacation on Mykonos Island reflect the lively atmosphere of the region, offering a comfortable stay while on your fun journey.

Where to stay in Mykonos Island?

Famous for its crystal-clear waters accompanied by white sandy beaches, you will never forget a stay in the region. However, the primary thing visitors need to decide is where they would like to stay. With an abundance of the best luxury villas for a vacation on Mykonos Island, you can choose between the busier main towns or the calmer beaches on the island.

1. Little Venice

The party central of Mykonos, Little Venice is a popular tourist destination where visitors can enjoy the gorgeous architecture and art galleries throughout the day and party in several clubs and cocktail bars blasting music after sunset. Most of the accommodation here overlooks the ocean and provides a serene experience for family and friends.

2. Old Port

Also known as downtown Mykonos, Old Port offers the authentic Greek experience to the visitors with crystal clear waters and a glistening, curving port. The place is full of cafes, bars, shopping boutiques, and authentic Greek restaurants. Being the main tourist hub, accommodation is plentiful, and transportation is easily available.

3. Megali Ammos

If you want to enjoy the slower Greek lifestyle, Megali Ammos is the perfect beachside town where tourists are scarce. It is within the walking distance of Little Venice and the main Mykonos Town, keeping you well connected with the main attractions in other parts of the island. Megali Ammos is also usually slower to fill up, making it easier to book closer to the trip.

4. Ornos

For more adventurous visitors, the town of Ornos offers the ideal situation where people can indulge in exciting activities while still being close to the hustle and bustle of Mykonos. It is situated just 2 km outside the main town and offers several activities like kitesurfing, yachting, boating, etc.

5. Paraga beach

One of the more youthful beaches in Mykonos, Paraga is situated on the southern coast and hosts daily afternoon beach parties. On the other end of the beach, visitors can relax in club lounges, restaurants, bars, etc. Paraga is lined with beach bars and youth hostels and offers plenty of activities to rejuvenate your soul.

With so many options available, choosing one that best suits your needs can be a challenging task. If you like partying, Paraga and Paradise beaches will keep you entertained for several nights in a row. On the other hand, Megali Ammos offers a quieter ambiance with a slower pace of life. Make sure to conduct your research before finalising your stay.

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