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New parents are always very cautious about what activities they should do with their babies. Taking your baby to a swimming pool might seem like a fun thing to do. However, before you take your baby to a swimming pool. There are a lot of things to consider. The most important of them is your baby’s health and safety.

What You Need to Know Before You Take Your Baby to a Hotel Pool

Child-safety professionals recommend making your baby acquainted with bodies of water at the age of 4 months. But if not done correctly, you have the risk of traumatizing them and creating a fear of going into the water, so do it gradually.

It is wise to wait until your baby is at least 6 months old before you take him/her to the swimming pool. Before entering a public pool it is recommended that your baby had its second injection of the DTP vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Poliomyelitis) to avoid any bacterial infections.

If you don’t have nearby access to a swimming pool, there are other options available. When going on vacation with your baby, look for accommodations like hotels that have a swimming pool. The information below will help keep your baby safe and happy while splashing in the water!

Things to be Aware of When Introducing a Baby to a Hotel Swimming Pool


Chlorinated water is common in swimming pools and even more so in public pools, such as in hotels. The chlorinated pool water is actually safer than other non-chlorinated water bodies such as lakes or ponds. This is because the lake and pond water can be microbially infected which can be harmful to the baby.

However, it is important to rinse your baby well after introducing them to the public pool and take proper care of drying them and moisturizing their skin again. It is also advisable to use a swimming cap to protect the hair of the baby.

In an ideal situation, it is the safest to introduce your baby to pools that are treated with Bromine. It is much softer on the skin of the baby. It is also advisable to not keep your baby in the pool for a long period.

The advisable amount would be around 20 hours a year. Overexposure to water can be harmful to your baby because it can cause diseases such as Bronchitis.

Swim Diapers

Babies cannot control their natural needs and regular diapers cannot be used in water as they will swell. So, special swim diapers that are used for containment, are available for this specific need. Also most hotels will require the babies to wear swim diapers.

Water Temperature

Babies do not like cold water; warm water is preferable for them. The recommended water temperature for them is 37-degrees celsius. The temperature inside the womb of the mother is the same, which is the most favorable temperature for babies.

The temperature of hotel swimming pools is kept around 32 degrees celsius and that is a little lower than the recommended temperature. When introducing your baby to a hotel swimming pool, it is advisable to adjust them to the lower temperature gradually before letting them into the pool. This ensures that the pool experience of the child is also pleasant as well as reducing their fear of water.


Feeding your baby before taking them to the swimming pool is important. It has been now definitively proven that consuming food before going into the pool does not cause cramps or discomfort. In fact babies can have more discomfort being in a pool with an empty stomach. Make sure you feed your baby a snack so they will not be distracted by an empty growling stomach. Ensuring them a more enjoyable experience in the water.


Keeping an eye on your baby not only ensures their safety but also gives them confidence and increases their enjoyment as well. It is of the utmost importance that you watch your baby every second as long as they are in the pool. Accidents often happen in the very second you fail to keep your eye on the child. Make sure that there is a trained lifeguard supervising the pool as well to prevent any unfortunate accidents.


As hotels are public places and the pools can be accessed by everyone, it is important to make sure that it is safe for children of all ages. It is advised to talk with the hotel staff and review their policies and safety issues. Some hotels do not allow babies to be taken into the pool or be in the surrounding pool area. So you must inquire about their policies about pool usage before you take the child for their first swim in the pool. Also inquire how often the pool water is changed, as it is important for health reasons that the water is changed regularly.

Introducing your baby to the water can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for both parents and babies. Just remember to follow the above suggestions to ensure a safe and happy splash experience!

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