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The recent virus outbreak has undoubtedly affected the lifestyles of many across the world. It has gotten pretty intense over the last couple of months as people are now working from home, F&B chains closing down one after another and couples are pressured to postpone their weddings. We are also encouraged to avoid large gatherings while paying more attention to personal hygiene. Here are some ideas on what you can do during this time to add more value to your relationship with your special one.

couples cooking together

1. Cooking together

You can do this even if you have no knowledge in cooking! There are plenty of resources online for simple recipes to start with – YouTube is especially helpful with visual guidance. There are so many benefits of doing home cooking as a couple; you get to understand more about your partner’s taste in food – definitely needed when you want to surprise him/her one day! The process of making something and enjoying it together will also give you an understanding of how well you work together and strengthen your relationship. During this crucial period where we need to take extra care of our health, it is also better to make your own food at home – use less oil and skip the MSG!

couples plan holiday2. Plan a future holiday

One of the first things that most people would want to do after this whole coronavirus drama is to finally go on a good holiday, so this is a good time to sit down and plan an itinerary together. Think about the friendly people in Thailand, the delicious food in Japan and the beautiful scenery in Taiwan. Wherever you visit, you’re doing a part in recovering the world’s economy and the people’s confidence. There’s definitely no harm in planning early!

gardens by the bay

3. Visit local attractions

The tourism industry is one of the worst-hit sectors from the virus situation due to the travelling restrictions from countries which are experiencing a lock-down and the need to quarantine ourselves for 2 weeks following a return from a foreign country. Do Singapore a favour by playing tourist in your home country. Most tourist attractions are still open, so pay them a visit and appreciate the beauty of Singapore.

Movie-TV series Marathon

4. Movie/TV series Marathon

Spend a lazy weekend with your favourite person and shows at home, snuggling on a couch and having ice cream at the same time. From movies to television series and anime, there is no lack of options at all. Pick a genre that you both enjoy and you’ll find time passing by so quickly.

5. Go on a staycation

Feeling sick of staying at home all day but concerned about taking time off work? Working from home can drive some people crazy, so book a short staycation to unwind over the weekend! It’s like going on a holiday minus the dreadful travelling and you don’t even have to pack much. It also doesn’t involve much planning – you just need your partner to say yes. Sometimes a short staycation is actually all you need to refresh yourself and you’ll be all good again!

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