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Singapore is a cosmopolitan country with many diverse culinary traditions. Such traditions utilize a variety of cooking methods to create mouth-watering dishes of superior quality. While it’s hard to beat the smoky taste and rich flavor that comes from using a gas range or open fire to make meals, things can get quite messy and overwhelming for first-time cooks. Luckily, induction cooking may be the best way of creating picture-perfect meals with less fuss.

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With the induction hob Singapore residents have in their kitchens, meals can be cooked at a faster rate compared to most gas or electric ranges. Induction cooking transfers around eighty to ninety percent of its generated heat to cookware, meaning you can bring a pot of water to a boil in a matter of seconds. Temperature is also more precise with the advanced controls of an induction hob. This means you can cook food exactly the way you want to with consistent results.

The smooth surface of an induction hob is also much easier to clean compared to the crevices of a gas or electric range. Simply use a cloth to wipe food splatters or oil, and you’ll have a cooktop that’s as good as new with a few swipes. If you’re concerned about safety, an induction hob is the best option for cooking. Since it only generates heat in a specific area, most of its surface remains cool to the touch without a fire hazard insight.

You might be excited to start whipping up tantalizing meals with a trusty wok or tadka spice pan, but it’s important to note that an induction hob is most effective when you’re using the appropriate cookware. If you want to make the most out of induction cooking, below are a few things you should consider when choosing the right cooking equipment for the job.

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The Best Cookware for Induction Hobs

When you use a gas range or electric cooktop, food is heated through thermal conduction. This involves the transference of heat from its source to the base of the cookware. While this has been the traditional method of preparing meals, induction cooking has made the process faster and more accurate. An induction hob generates an oscillating magnetic field through a set of coiled wires beneath its ceramic surface. This process causes the electrons present in an object—in this case, your cookware—to move and create an electrical current.

However, in order for this process to occur, it is necessary to use magnetic cookware. Below are some examples of cookware that provide the best performance when using an induction hob:

Cast Iron and Enameled Cast Iron

The best kind of cookware to use with an induction hob is anything made of iron. Iron is a highly magnetic material, which means it’s most responsive to an induction hob’s magnetic field. Cast iron pans and pots are sure to pick up the heat and cook your meals efficiently. Ceramic or enamelled cookware are also fine as long as they have iron in the innermost layer, especially at the bottom.

Magnetic Stainless Steel

Only certain types of stainless steel cookware can be used for induction cooking. Since they are often made of various metals, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are induction-friendly. Stainless steel cookware with high nickel content can disrupt the magnetic field generated by an induction hob. Stainless steel works best when it contains iron or is marketed specifically for induction cooking.

A rule of thumb when selecting cookware for your induction hob is to make sure that they have iron components. One easy way to test this out is by placing a magnet near the bottom of your cookware. If the magnet sticks, then your cookware is ready to be used with any induction hob.

However, if you find that an expensive piece or your favourite cookware isn’t compatible with your hob, all is not lost. You can purchase an induction adapter that transfers heat to your cookware of choice. Most of these adapters are thin metal discs. All you need to do is to place the adapter on your induction hob and your cookware on top of the adapter. This way, you can still enjoy your favourite kitchen equipment without needing to purchase new ones.

Cookware to Avoid When Using Induction Hobs

There are certain cookware that should be avoided when you’re using your induction hob. Those made from aluminium and copper are generally not conducive for induction cooking. Aluminium and copper require a stronger magnetic field to generate the electric current needed to heat food. Any cookware made of glass should also be avoided unless you use an induction adapter to help with the heating process.

In order to elevate your cooking experience, it’s important to choose the right cookware that brings out the best qualities from your induction hob. In doing so, you can fully enjoy the convenience and safety an induction hob brings to your kitchen when you’re making your next best meal.

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