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Are you planning a vacation with your partner for a memorable honeymoon trip? Introducing Kailua-Kona (Big Island), one of the best beaches for couple on holidays, located on the west coast of Hawaii island. It is also well-known as White Sands Beach or Disappearing Sands Beach. This beach is different from other beaches because of its magical sands. The beach can ” disappear” overnight at times due to high winter surf, thus its name. When this happens, it becomes dangerous for swimmers. Hence, for a spectacular outdoor experience, we would recommend you to visit this place in summer. Here are the activities that couples can do at Magical Sands Beach:

Get wet together with your partner

Get wet together with your partner

For couples who love water-sports, here is your chance to get wet and tan through this adventure romance in Kona Hawaii. This big island offers an array of exciting water-sports activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. However, these activities can only be carried out if the Magic Sands Beach is under safe conditions.

magics beach grill restaurant

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Dine-in at Magics Beach Grill Restaurant

Magics Beach Grill is one of the famous and romantic restaurants located in the heart of Magic Sand Beach. The restaurant offers authentic Hawaiian cuisine and cocktail from morning to night at affordable prices. The Magics Beach Grill restaurant also comes with incredible outdoor scenery for visitors to enjoy the spectacular sunset while having a delightful meal. Couples can use this opportunity to celebrate their special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Shopping in Kona is convenient

Couples can spend some time visiting the Kona Inn Shopping Village along the Magic Sand Beach to shop for Hawaiian gifts and souvenirs. Kona Inn Shopping Village opens from 8am to 8pm daily. This shopping mall has a wide variety of stores which offer clothing, gift shops, jewellery stores, artisan galleries to cafés, and restaurants. There are also other shopping malls nearby the beach such as Coconut Grove Marketplace, Ali’i Gardens Marketplace, and Keauhou Shopping Center.

Sunset kiss at Magic Sands Beach in Hawaii


Sunset kiss on your partner forehead

Beach walking can be romantic if you pick the correct spot and moment. In this case, you can bring your loved ones to walk along the magic sands beach and admire the perfect golden sunset. You can use this opportunity to level-up your sunset photography skills and capture many instagrammable moments. This is also a perfect moment to leave your footprints and give your partner a sunset kiss on her/his forehead.

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