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All of us are currently being confined (pretty much) to the four walls of our home due to the Covid-19 situation. Over the past weeks, various trends have emerged and these activities gone viral not only locally, but also internationally. If you are active on social media, we are sure you have come across these on your feed. Read on the find out why so many people are doing it.

Dalgona Latte

1. Dalgona Latte

This beverage originated from Korea and is insta-worthy due to its distinct 2-layer texture. The key to success is getting the ratio of the ingredients right. The recipe is relatively simple as well – mix instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water in equal amounts and whisk (about 400 times by a hand) until stiff peaks form. Fill your cup with ice and cold milk, and then top your dalgona foam over the milk. To make it more fancy, you can sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top.

For those who are not a fan of coffee, we have also come across the Matcha green tea and even Milo or Ovaltine versions which look just as good! We definitely recommend making a matcha version because it looks so pretty.

Sharing recipes for home-cooking

2. Sharing recipes for home-cooking

Having to order takeaways and delivery all the time can be quite a pocket-burner. Take charge of your diet and be a chef at your own home during this time. We see a lot of people showing off their cooking skills on social media, from beginners to professional ones. An Italian Michelin-starred chef, Massimo Bottura, also started live-streaming his family meals on Instagram following a lockdown in his country.

#homecooking is also one of the trending hashtags on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok right now. If you haven’t, get started now and make use of your kitchen to cook up some delicious home-cooked meals for your loved ones.

TikTok videos

3. Making TikTok videos

Tiktok is one of the best ways to pass time during the #StayHome period. Scrolling through endless videos on TikTok is a good way to entertain yourself and at the same time inspire you to make one (or many) yourself! We have seen people doing it solo and as a whole family. Some videos can be quite time-consuming to produce, such as changing into many different types of attire. If you are not familiar with TikTok, there are many features you can play with on this app – you can use it to edit your videos, add music, special effects and text to it. There is so much content to explore and experience, it is easy to get hooked.

4. Quarantine Pillow Challenge

It is actually kind of weird, but we’re not judging. For this challenge, you only need a belt and a pillow. Wear them to make it look like a strapless dress, then pose for a photo as if you are a fashionista. Match your vibe to the style of your pillow. You can also add accessories to glam up the final look.

This trend is currently hot on Instagram. We have seen so many posts involving men, women, children and even pets. As much as it is weird, it is also wildly popular with many influencers and celebrities posting their own versions of this pillow fashion on their social media, so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable about putting your own portrayal out there!

home exercises

5. Home Workouts

Turn your home into a mini gym for workouts today. You will realise many young influencers started to share their workout routine on Facebook, IG and Tiktok feed. Let’s continue to keep ourselves fit while battling with the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of the exercises may look simple but it is effective enough to strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Exercise such as rope jump, burpees, push-ups, Abdominal Crunches and Bent-over Row. After this COVID-19 circuit breaker, you might be a gym instructor in your neighbourhood. Note that maintaining good health is important, so start the workout at home today!

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