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Top beach destinations around the world

Coronavirus has come here to stay, and even though some places are starting to allow visitors, others still remain shut. However, there are certain beach destinations that are safe to visit post-virus, so if you’ve been trying to cure your travel bug, then feel free to consider visiting them once this whole situation becomes less stressful. So for that reason, here are some awe-inducing beach destinations that you should check out sometime in the future.

Singapore Lazarus Beach

Lazarus Beach, Singapore

Thanks to the movie “Crazy, Rich Asians”, Singapore has become one of the popular destinations in the world. This island is not only known for its exquisite buildings and amazing food courts, but also gorgeous beaches. One of them is Lazarus Beach, which is also a popular overnight camping spot. This beach is so beautiful that it resembles more popular beaches in the Maldives and other touristy locations, which tells you everything you need to know.

Lake Thun beaches in Switzerland

Lake Thun beaches in Switzerland

Switzerland may not have access to the sea, but that isn’t a reason not to visit this stunning country. Because, in Switzerland, they don’t have any coastline, but they have beautiful lakes and surrounding beaches. Lake Thun is a picturesque lake with an accompanying beach, so if you want to enjoy all the wonders of European nature, while still dipping your toes in the water, then Switzerland is the perfect destination for you.

beach in Porto Santo

Porto Santo Beach, Madeira, Portugal

Madeira was the Portuguese region least affected by the Covid-19, so it’s not surprising that it’s still a popular tourist destination among many tourists. Porto Santo is a sandy beach, with golden sand and azure blue sea. But the sand isn’t only golden in an aesthetic sense: it’s also therapeutic due to its warmness. Aside from sand therapy, this place offers seaweed therapy so if you want to boost your own health, get into your favorite best sustainable swimwear and check out this stunning beach. Visiting Portugal is an amazing opportunity to learn more about this wonderful country and its people.

Tahiti French Polynesia

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti and French Polynesia in general, are some of the most beautiful gems of nature. Whether you enjoy scuba diving, hiking, or just relaxing with a glass of cocktail, visiting Tahiti will definitely be right up your street. Currently, its Covid-19 situation has been stable, which makes it a perfect destination for a safe and fulfilled holiday! However, due to the current situation with the virus, it’s important to be alert and check the local news regarding curfew, opening hours, and other safety measures.

Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi

The UAE government dealt with the virus outbreak in a very efficient manner, which is why the official numbers remain so low. If Arabian Peninsula seems attractive, then look no further than Abu Dabi’s: this city has everything including stunning desert oases worth checking out. On the other hand, there’s Saadiyat Beach: it’s filled with parasols and sun loungers which is perfect if you enjoy sunbathing. And if you’re more activity-oriented, then a wide offer of various water-activities will definitely be to your taste.

These destinations have proven to be safe regarding the Coronavirus. It yet remains to be seen what will happen in the future, but visiting these places should definitely be on your list once things start going back to normal.

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