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Why Riding A Hot Air Balloon

Fly high up to the sky on a hot air balloon. It’s a magical experience worth keeping forever and definitely one for the books!

You have probably ridden an airplane already or not. You have wondered how it is to soar with a paraglider or not. Well, regardless of whether you have tried these two or not, know that a hot air balloon ride is their close relative but is absolutely another different stellar adventure!

Following the availability of balloon flights for humans, hot air balloon rides have been extremely sought after and famous. Many people around the world have them jotted down on their bucket lists. They are one of the most exhilarating quests that travellers and tourists are looking for and are really enjoying today. Just by looking at the balloons above, you will feel how unique the experience is and how interesting it is to ride those baskets yourself!

A hot air balloon ride will make you regret nothing about it, thus, it really deserves a spot in your travel goals! You will only completely and wholly understand once you actually try it, but this piece right here aims to give you a lovely glimpse!

Here are the top 7 reasons why riding a hot air balloon is a must-have experience. Keep reading, darling!


hot air balloon experience

Jaw-droppingly splendid landscapes are already taking breaths from the ground. How much more would they leave you breathless when viewing them from the sky’s vastness! It is unimaginable and simply incredible!

The moment you step in the basket, you are off to one of the best sprees, if not the best, in your life! The panoramas of glory from above are truly priceless. You will be like a tiny dot embraced by unmatched creation, and you will be grateful. Mountains are extra majestic. Waters are scintillating with allure. Greenlands are bursting with peace.

Angles and perspectives do change the way these views appear, and needless to say, seeing them from a hot air balloon above is a class of its own.


unique hot air balloon

Most people talk about what it exactly feels like to be inside a floating hot air balloon. Many are just curious about the same thing, too, without thinking about the incomparable sensation while the balloon is still going up!

The basket is open. You step into it, and in a little while, the pilot will prepare the burner. At the same time, you must be prepared too. Before you know it, the balloon is floating bit by bit already. The feeling of anticipation while going up is thrilling! It is slowly showing you how the same surroundings you are staring at from below will look astoundingly different from above slowly but surely!

Moreover, the wind is the biggest factor that drives the direction of a hot air balloon. Of course, the operator will only let you ride when it’s safe, but true enough, every experience is still beautifully unpredictable. Every stretch in the sky provides a distinct view. Rest assured that the movement of the wind will bring you to every fine spot where you have to be.


hot air balloon riders with free equipment

What many hot air balloon riders so adore about this venture is its convenience to everyone that tries it. This experience is equipment-free. It’s just you and, of course, the hot air balloon itself. No carrying of heavy bags and gears. Zero tangled string, rope or whatsoever. No hassle, no problem. Just as you want to enjoy a nice ride in the sky, hot air balloon rides exist in your favor.


sunset view from hot air balloon experience

Exemplary views from above were already mentioned earlier, but just to reiterate how glamorous the spectacles are, sunrise and sunset sights must be here too. Nobody says no to awe-inspiring vistas of the sun going up and going down. The skyline changes its color as it waves at you, being a part of it for a while. Just imagine how heartwarming it is to witness such happenings from a basket hanging on the air. It’s oh-so-lovely!


try hot air ballooning for a noteworthy life occasion

If you are going to try hot air ballooning for a noteworthy life occasion, there’s no way that your event will be less than perfect. It is an activity that makes celebrations more memorable without question.

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, dates, friendversaries, graduation celebrations and all kinds of occasions are extra delightful and tear-jerking with a hot air balloon ride listed in the programme! It is downright sweet and special! Whether you are surprising a loved one or receiving such a gift from someone special, hot air balloon rides are top-notch.


hot air balloon arrives at its peak rise

When your hot air balloon arrives at its peak rise, the sky wraps its brilliance around you. The serenity is real when you see and feel like the blue yonder hugs you. Breathe in and out while the comeliness of the azure welcomes you. Literally touching the sky seems impossible, but hot air balloons prove to you that there is a way to make that happen.


hot air balloon distance record

Some people have a fear of being in tall heights. If you belong to them, riding a hot air balloon may have never been your dream, but trust that it is one of the most amazing ways to conquer your fears!

Most hot air balloons travel at a distance between 500 and 2,500 feet above the ground. If you will just compute and overthink about it, your knees will shake and go weak. The altitude is heartstopping to find out, but do not take it literally, okay? You will be safe and sound. The marvelous sights and the matchless feeling will make you stay up there with a smile despite the nervousness at first.

Hot air balloon rides enable you to fight your fears because the tranquility and liberty they offer is very comforting. The eyeshots you get will drive your worries away with the wind. You will find yourself wanting to try it again after you get down the basket.

Every hot air balloon experience is stress-relieving and highly fulfilling. It makes you more dauntless. You will be ready for more revitalizing balloon flights in the future!


In Australia, you may check out top-rate hot air balloon stations, such as those found in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. While in Queensland, Gold Coast and Tropical North Queensland are never to be forgotten. Victoria has Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Geelong and Mansfield. The Barossa is SA’s pride in hot air ballooning. If you are spending a fun weekend getaway in NSW, Canowindra, Byron Bay and Hunter Valley are more popular among hot air balloon riders than you think. The list goes on! Do not miss the chance to visit these and more and to get a one-of-a-kind balloon flight experience.

Without a doubt, you will be obtaining one of the world’s most exclusive privileges when you experience riding hot air balloons! Go up, up and away to cloud nine! From the external views that astound the eyes to the internal joy that this leisure gives the heart, there’s nothing like the beauty of hot air balloon rides.

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