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Whether you’re an avid traveler looking for new experiences or a thrill-seeker wanting to explore all the excitement the world has to offer, going on an active vacation can be a wonderful choice for any tourist. Allowing you to explore unique destinations, get to know different cultures, and experience the benefits of travel while testing your own limits as well, adventure travel truly presents a more distinct and memorable experience. If you want to make your next vacation as active and exciting as possible, give these under-the-radar destinations a try:

Heli-skiing in the Alps

Heli-skiing in the Alps

While the Alps might be among the top travel destinations for active Europeans, these mountains offer a number of unique adventures not many tourists are aware of. For the skiers who wish to experience secluded wilderness and untouched snow, Val Formazza, located at the edge of Piedmont, is the perfect spot. Surrounded by three towering mountain peaks, this protected valley is so high up that it receives an average of over 100cm (4 feet) each year. To gain access to all of this beautiful, unspoiled nature, active travelers can take an exciting helicopter ride to one of the chosen landing spots in the valley suited to all levels of skiing ability.

Hiking to Machu Picchu

Hiking to Machu Picchu

If you want to cross a visit to Machu Picchu off your bucket list, planning a hiking adventure through the lush jungle and rocky mountains of the area might be the perfect solution. The typical five-day trekking schedule starts with climbing the stunning Salkantay Mountain and moves on to the “cloud forest” of the Sacred Valley where you could go ziplining, walk underneath waterfalls, and sleep in yurt-like tents, before finally reaching the majestic Machu Picchu at sunrise. Although a demanding trip that undoubtedly requires plenty of effort, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with unique locations and awe-inspiring views you’ll never forget.

Canyoning in Vietnam

If you’re a fan of canyoning, the thriving city of Dalat located in Vietnam’s southern Central Highlands is one of the world’s most renowned destinations for this activity that you simply shouldn’t miss. Even if you’re new to canyoning, keep in mind this practice involves descending down waterfalls using a number of different techniques such as climbing, jumping, and abseiling, thus making this exciting activity a brilliant option for any thrill-seeker looking for a unique experience. What’s more, there are a number of different companies offering safe and enjoyable canyoning trips in Dalat, making you truly spoilt for choice of your ideal adventure.

Fishing in Narooma

Fishing in Narooma

For those travelers who enjoy a calmer and more relaxing adventure, a fishing trip in Narooma can be a wonderful option. Located in the Australian state of New South Wales, this charming coastal town is a true rhapsody in blue, embracing stunning hues of the nearby lakes and pristine ocean waters. However, opting for one of the best fishing charters in Narooma is what will make your experience truly special. From half-day to full-day fishing, including private charter options, a trip in this area will give you the opportunity to spot dozens of bird species, see hundreds of seals and whales along the coast, and catch fish such as yellowfin tuna, marlin, kingfish, and snapper, making Narooma the perfect spot for avid anglers.

Volcano spotting in Indonesia

Despite the relatively frequent eruptions, hiking through volcanoes is an incredibly popular activity in Indonesia. Bali’s neighbor Lombok is home to Gunung Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in the country standing over 3,700 meters tall, and being a stunning spot for exploration. Even though it last erupted in 2016 and still has quite a shaky reputation, guided walking tours of this volcano are still popular during the drier months. Three-day trips are the favored option for exploring Gunung Rinjani, offering challenging terrains and demanding hikes that make this experience fit only for the most adventurous of travelers, but the effort will surely be worth it once you take in all the spectacular views this destination has to offer.

Tikal National Park in Guatemala


Canopy tour in Guatemala

In case you’re not frightened of heights, a trip to the Tikal National Park in Guatemala can be quite an enjoyable experience, offering exciting canopy tours that take place every morning. Here, you will be able to zipline on several platforms above the forest floor, spotting breathtaking flora and fauna along the way. From howler monkeys and jaguars to toucans and ring-tailed coatimundi, experienced guides will help you identify any stunning creature you come across. While you’re visiting the national park, exploring thousands of ancient monuments, temples, and dwellings, as well as other impressive Mayan ruins, is also a must.

Evidently, there are endless adventurous destinations around the world fit for any kind of active traveler. Hopefully, one of the incredible travel spots mentioned above will inspire you to go on your own exciting adventure soon.

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