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Gorgeous sand beaches, awe-inspiring landscapes, unique local wildlife, and incredibly enticing cities are just some of the things that make the beautiful country of Australia worthy of exploration, and such a popular destination among avid tourists worldwide.

Boating Destinations in Australia for Boaters

However, possibly the best aspect of the vast island continent is the fact that it can effortlessly be experienced by boat, offering unique perspectives, hidden gems, and unforgettable memories. If you wish to explore Australia from a different angle as well, here are some of the best boating destinations suited to all stripes:

1. The Whitsundays, Queensland

Known as being one of the best places in Australia for relaxing and indulgent vacations, the Whitsunday islands can provide you with some of the most incredible boating experiences as well. Offering pristine white-sand beaches and calm crystal-clear waters ideal for relaxed sailing and cruising, the stunning scenery in the Whitsundays will truly make you feel like you’re in paradise. With mesmerizing corals, colorful fish, and an abundance of interesting marine life such as stingrays and sea turtles, the Whitsundays also provide some brilliant snorkeling and diving opportunities, making it an ideal boating destination for anyone from families to those who’d simply like to taste a little slice of heaven.

2. Corroboree Billabong, Northern Territory

Being a part of the Mary River Wetlands, Corroboree Billabong is another well-known boating spot in Australia. In case you’re looking for an exciting adventure that will allow you to explore the interesting local wildlife, this destination is perfect for you, as it offers a chance to spot nearly 300 different species of wild pigs, water buffalos, crocodiles, and birds.

Corroboree Billabong is also the ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts, with its untouched waters being rich in saratoga, barramundi, and other freshwater fish. And as the banks here are covered in lotuses and gorgeous water lilies, Corroboree Billabong is also an incredibly charming and picturesque place worthy even of a relaxing photography boat ride.

Sydney Harbour

3. Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

If you’re looking for a more urban boating experience that allows you to enjoy the stunning city skylines, Sydney can also be a wonderful choice. The eye-catching scenery offers views of some of the most iconic landmarks in Australia, such as Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, while the beautiful protected bays and pristine swimming spots can provide a number of unique experiences for any type of traveler, from fine dining and exciting diving opportunities to festivals, extreme sports, and even whale watching.

What’s more, Sydney also offers some of the best boat hire options in the country. Whether you’re a family looking for a smaller vessel or even a large party in need of a luxurious yacht, you’ll surely find the right boat for your needs in Sydney Harbour.

4. The Gippsland Lakes, Victoria

Situated around 250km southeast of Melbourne and fed by five major rivers, including the Mitchell, Tambo, and Nicholson rivers, the Gippsland Lakes system is among the largest tidal waterways in Australia. These sheltered waters stretch from Lakes Entrance to Sale, linking together the Victoria, Wellington, and King lakes. Covering around 420 square km, the Gippsland Lakes provide mesmerising waterfalls, stunning marine life, as well as an abundance of outdoor activities such as fishing, water skiing, and camel riding, truly offering an ideal adventure for any size and type of boat.

Abundance of outdoor activities

5. Cape Jervis, South Australia

Located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, merely a two-hour drive from Adelaide, Cape Jervis is truly among the best places to visit in Australia, even though it’s often overlooked. This destination is ideal for those wanting to explore everything from the Backdoor Passage and the Investigators Strait to the historic Kangaroo Island, offering gorgeous national parks, a fascinating array of wildlife, as well as plenty of fishing and whale watching opportunities. While Cape Jervis might generally be more suited to smaller vessels, the stunning Pages Islands located at the eastern end of the Passage can provide a dreamlike experience for all boaters with its pristine country and sea lion colony viewing opportunities.

Boating at Derwent River

6. The Derwent River, Tasmania

Off the mainland, the island of Tasmania also has a number of wonderful boating adventures to offer. The Derwent River is among the most popular spots, a 200km long waterway of which the banks were once home to Tasmanian Aborigines. Today, the Derwent River represents an important resource for most of the island’s current population, aiding in the fishing, agriculture, forestry, and hydropower industries. However, the river is also a brilliant spot for boating and recreational water activities, whether you enjoy sailing, fishing, or even exciting water skiing. And the best part is, the first-class boating facilities along the Derwent River are courtesy of the local government, with the use of boat ramps being entirely free of charge.


From mesmerising cities to stunning natural surroundings and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Australia truly has a lot to offer. But no matter which destination you choose, boating is evidently going to provide the best and most unique experiences for any type of traveler.

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