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Australia is among the top travel destinations, attracting tourists with its beautiful, bustling cities, and some of the most stunning beaches in the world. But even though it’s often overlooked by tourists, the Outback is arguably the most spectacular part of the country, offering awe-inspiring red desert sceneries, incredible cultural sights, as well as some of the most distinct travel experiences Australia has to offer. So, if you’ve decided to take a trip to the best places in Australia, here are some of the most memorable and unique experiences you can have in the breathtaking Outback:

Marvel at the Aboriginal heritage at Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land

The Aboriginal heritage is one of the most prominent and important aspects of Australia’s history, and familiarizing yourself with this incredible culture is an experience you simply can’t miss. Thankfully, the Northern Territory Outback is home to a wide variety of ancient rock art, with Arnhem Land being the most magical and incredible spot where you can experience Aboriginal history.

Being among the last remaining wilderness areas in Australia, Arnhem Land is protected, meaning you’ll need a special permit to experience its beauty. Thankfully, there are a number of tours you could join from Jabiru or Darwin, where an experienced local guide can show you around the stunning rock art, and help you learn more about the wonderful Indigenous culture.

Go camping under the stunning starry skies

Kata Tjuta in Australia

As most of the Outback is quite sparsely populated, there’s barely any light pollution in this area. This means you will likely get the opportunity to see nearly all the stars in the clear, beautiful skies. No matter where you decide to camp, these conditions are truly ideal for experiencing the beauty of the universe with the naked eye and turning it into a once-in-a-lifetime camping opportunity.

What’s more, the Outback is also known for its breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, especially in Uluru and Kata Tjuta, meaning your camping trip in the wilderness can turn out to be that much more special, and make for a truly unforgettable road trip in Australia.

Go on an exciting road trip around King’s Canyon

exciting road trip around King’s Canyon

Located in the Watarrka National Park, King’s Canyon is among the most spectacular places in the Outback, providing sandstone domes and walls, natural rock pools, as well as the most fantastic and unique views of the desert-like surroundings. And while King’s Canyon is known for its incredible day hikes, the surrounding areas also feature stunning landscapes, an abundance of wildlife, and some of the most stunning photo opportunities.

For that reason, going on a short road trip around the area might be a wonderful idea for any adventurer who wants to experience the beauty of this ancient land. However, due to rugged, often challenging terrain, you will need to have a great off-road vehicle fitted with quality 4WD tyres at your disposal, to ensure the safest and most enjoyable drive.

Dare to go swimming with crocodiles

Kakadu National Park

In case you’re a true thrill-seeker at heart, the menacing animals Australia is known for can also be seen in the Outback. Among the most terrifying and dangerous creatures in the area, there are over 10,000 saltwater crocodiles that can be spotted and interacted with in the Kakadu National Park.

However, due to the predators’ threatening nature, it might be best to stay perfectly safe by seeing them on an organized boat trip at places like the East Alligator River, Yellow Water, or Cahill’s Crossing. If you dare to go swimming with saltwater crocodiles, make sure to carefully follow the guide’s instructions, as even adventurers need to stay safe and sound on such a daring expedition.

Kayak your way through Katherine Gorge

travel around Katherine Gorge

If you wish to explore Katherine Gorge, situated in the Nitmiluk National Park, a kayaking adventure is the best and most exciting way to experience the area. And while safety tips for driving might not help you much here, fortunately, there are a number of tour boats available that will allow you to explore Katherine Gorge in the safe hands of a professional.

But if you’re an experienced kayaker yourself, you also have the opportunity to go beyond the tour paths, making your way into narrower waterways where you can see impressive cliffs, spot beautiful wildlife such as monitor lizards and long-necked turtles, and experience the gorgeous hidden gems of Katherine Gorge.

Wrapping up

The Outback is truly the most spectacular and awe-inspiring part of Australia that evidently offers a number of unique travel experiences. It’s guaranteed you’ll have an interesting and memorable trip, no matter which one of these wonderful experiences you opt for.

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