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Road Trips In Europe

The great thing about road trips is that you’re in control – you can decide the duration of the trip, where to stop and rest, and even the distance you want to cross. More importantly, you get to enjoy the things you would have missed had you taken a plane or a train ride, including the scenery, food, culture, and off-the-beaten-track gems.

What to pack for your road trip

● Emergency supplies

Emergency supplies are necessary for any trip, more so a road trip where you’ll be in unfamiliar territory most of the time. Carry everything you believe might be required for an emergency, such as an umbrella, travel medication, a travel dictionary, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. Don’tDon’t forget to pack your tech survival kit with your essential gadgets. Also, ensure that your tech devices are well-protected against potential online risks. If you’re not using a VPN, getting one before hitting the road is a smart idea. It can protect your sensitive data from hackers preying on unsecured WiFis and encrypt your data in traffic. For instance, the ExpressVPN app is an excellent choice for beginners unfamiliar with VPN technology.

● Vehicle essentials

Most countries require an International Drivers Permit in addition to your passport and driver’s license. You should also get a copy of the vehicle insurance policy, a tire repair kit, a roadside emergency kit, a toolbox, a paper map, and a good GPS. We recommend choosing a car with automatic transmission since it is easier to get used to, especially if you’re driving through the U.K., where cars are right-hand drive and pass through the left-hand side of the road.

● Luggage

This mainly constitutes your wardrobe. You should dress for the weather. Check the local climate and prepare your clothes accordingly. Include essential trip supplies such as deodorant, eyewear, headgear, towels, proper shoes, and toothbrushes.

Road trip ideas

Iceland Ring Road

Drive through the Iceland Ring Road for an unforgettable adventure. The road cuts across the Icelandic landscape and offers one of the best views in the world. You are in for quite the show with geothermal springs, icy glaciers, cascading waterfalls, sprawling mountains, and the Northern lights – if you’re lucky enough to catch them. Since Iceland is so picturesque, we recommend planning your road trip around a few iconic sights.

Keep your eye open for sudden weather changes since snowstorms are relatively common in Iceland. For the best weather, you should visit during the height of summer – June, July, and August. However, for the best chance at seeing the Northern lights, visit during September and October.

You could drive through the entire route in about 24 – 48 hours, but where’s the fun in that? Yes! The Iceland Ring Road is just that good. You should take at least ten days to enjoy the sights and get an authentic feel for Iceland.

Autobahn, Germany

The Autobahn road trip is for those with a need for speed. Although the Autobahn is famed for being a limitless-speed road, there are speed limits in specific zones, which are adjusted based on the weather and traffic conditions. Nevertheless, for most of the route, the limits are essentially suggestions. Pay attention to those unspoken rules for driving on the Autobahn.

The trip is not just about speed, however. With a suitable itinerary, you can pass through some of the most scenic spots in Germany. The Autobahn road trip offers the chance to experience beautiful German art and culture at its finest. One of the great things about traveling to Germany is the food, so don’t just stock up on snacks and forget fine dining.

There isn’t a specific time to schedule for this trip, and you should arrange it based on your expectations. Of course, you should check if any events or tours are happening during the time you intend to travel. Plan for a week at the minimum to give yourself time to enjoy the Autobahn road trip experience.

The Italian Northern Lakes

The Northern Lakes are one of Europe’s most attractive scenic spots. However, instead of visiting a few lakes, you should make it into a road trip and drive around the Italian Northern lakes. With the Alps as the backdrop, the road trip provides you with one of the most beautiful travel experiences for a European road trip.

It is great to plan your road trip any time aside from winter. Although the lakes are still scenic in winter, the snow and cold make it hard to hike the mountains or go for some wind-surfing. You should also prepare for maddening traffic if you plan to visit in summer. For the best experience, you should plan your trip for a minimum of ten days.

Travel in Europe

The takeaway

Europe has many beautiful sights, and a road trip is one of the best ways to visit these places without pressure. Bear in mind that Europe measures its distances in kilometers and not miles.

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