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If you are planning a romantic getaway with your loved ones, then this article is for you! This is the essential packing list to make sure your special trip runs smoothly from start to finish.

Clothing and accessories for girl

Clothing and accessories

For the woman:
– your favorite lingerie
– a nice dress for special occasions or dinner reservations
– comfortable shoes
– sun hat, if you’re going to the beach!

For the man:
– some nice outfits and stylish clothes (you don’t want to be underdressed)
– casual baseball cap
– swimming trunks, if you’re going to the beach!

Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or just grabbing coffee at your favorite spot, make sure you pack something special. You never know when the mood will hit and you won’t want to spend extra time getting ready in the morning.

gift for couple

A nice gift for your partner

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, it can be nice to go away on a trip and give him/her something really special. Something that is not available in your normal day-to-day life. Maybe you could bring back a small souvenir, like a scented candle? Or, why not pick up something nice and sensual for the room like hotel bathrobes or some luxurious pillowcases?

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something from the heart so he/she knows how much you care. Pack this item carefully in your luggage so it doesn’t get crushed or worse, lost!


Medicines and toiletries

If you are planning on doing some traveling, make sure you pack the essentials. If it’s hot out where you’re going then consider packing sunscreen! There are natural alternatives so look for them if you have sensitive skin.

You can never be too sure of what types of bugs and insects are in certain countries/regions, so pack some bug spray with DEET.

You may also want to pack some Imodium. This will help you stay healthy and let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend their romantic getaway sick and sleeping in the bathroom!

If you wear glasses, don’t forget to pack those, too! You could even buy a new pair especially for the trip to make it feel extra special. Try out Just Glasses if you’re looking for a fresh pair of glasses. They do all sorts of specialties to suit your needs, from computer glasses to sunglasses. Getting a new pair will make you feel more confident and help you look your best for your romantic trip.


Pack the essentials to kill time during your trip. Pack some travel-sized board games, books, or cards. If you’re going to be gone for a few days then buy some new films before you leave and share them with each other.

If you’re going to be staying in one place for more than a day, consider packing some of those things that help pass the time such as a deck of cards or an old-fashioned handheld game like solitaire. If you’re going to be in the room, pack some classic games for your downtime. Popular classics include Scrabble, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit.

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