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If you are the type of person who can’t walk away from somebody who is in distress, have a lot of empathy, and are always going out of your way to help and be there for the other people in your life, then it makes sense that you might be looking for a career path that allows you to put this side of your personality to work in your everyday job. If you couldn’t imagine walking past a homeless person and giving them your spare change or getting them a hot drink, would never leave somebody crying on their own and are that friend who always makes sure everybody texts you to tell you that they have gotten home safe, then there are several different career options that are perfect for those who like to help others.

When you are called to help other people and feel like this is your passion in life, there are many different careers to choose from in the healthcare sector, public health, law enforcement, social care, humanitarian work, and much more. Whether you want to start your own business that focuses on helping people who need it the most or want to get into a lucrative career path that is focused on making a difference in the lives of others, here are just some of the main career options to consider right now.

1. Mental Health Counseling and Therapy

If you are a good listener and tend to be the person that your friends and family come to for advice whenever they are having problems in their life, you could be a good fit for a career as a therapist or mental health counselor. Currently, there’s a lot of counselor stress, as the mental impact on the COVID19 pandemic has led to rising demand for counseling services and therapists are struggling to keep up with the increasing workload. This has led to high demand for counseling professionals to step in and ensure that people have access to talking therapies and other services that can help them with their mental health and other situations in their lives.

Counseling can be an ideal job idea for somebody who enjoys talking to others and problem-solving. You will often be spending your time talking with people about events in their lives that have had an impact on them and connecting the dots to how that impacts them today. Counselors provide encouragement and advice to people who want to change their health and lives for the better in a safe and non-judgemental space.

2. Nursing

One of the first jobs that probably comes to mind when you think of career paths that are focused on helping others is nursing. As a nurse, you will be needed in all areas of the country to help people who are suffering from their health or have been injured or hurt. Nurses work in a wide range of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, schools, prisons, and more. They are often the first healthcare professional that people will see when they need medical attention and are usually able to make a massive difference in how people feel during the toughest times of their lives. Nurses job not only provide medical care, but they are also there to talk, listen to fears and concerns, and make sure that their patients feel supported, heard, and safe during an otherwise frightening and painful time.

3. Social Worker

The role of a social worker involves working with and supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society. Social workers work with people of all age groups, but most often work with children and the elderly. In this role, you could be working closely with people who have disabilities to help them find independent accommodation and suitable work or supporting children through the process of foster care and adoption. Social workers often work closely with families to support them in providing the best foundation in life for their children and will often provide advice and support to new, young, or disadvantaged parents. They also work closely with vulnerable elderly people to provide a support network and ensure that they are safeguarded against harm. Social workers will often give vital evidence in family court cases and are focused on making sure that the people that they work with are safe and protected from harm.

4. Teacher

If you like the idea of working with children throughout their main developmental stages and want to be influential in helping the next generation get the best start in life, working as a teacher could be ideal for you in your next career role.

Teachers are not only there to help children learn more about the subjects that they are teaching but are often the main adults outside of the home who have the single biggest influence in the life of a growing and developing child. Teachers are an essential part of society as all children need to go to school and learn so that they are set up for a successful future. In addition to teaching, these professionals are often there to offer advice and support to the children that they work with. Teachers can provide kids with more information about important topics in life such as consent, living a healthy lifestyle, and social interaction with others. They are also there to safeguard children from harm and are usually the first port of call for kids who are in harmful situations, with a huge responsibility on the teacher to notice when something might be off and get the right support in place for the child as quickly as possible.

5. Law Enforcement

Working in law enforcement might be the ideal choice of career for somebody who finds the idea of a job where they can help to make the world a safer place appealing. Law enforcement is a career where you are predominantly concerned with solving crimes and catching criminals, but a large aspect of this job is also based on helping others. Law enforcement officers such as police officers spend a considerable amount of time making the neighborhood that they work in a safer place to be and helping others to stay safe. They work to support the victims of crime and need to be empathetic, helpful people who are good listeners to ensure that the people who need their help the most are able to feel safe.

6. Public Safety

If the idea of making the world a safer place is one that appeals to you as a career, then another option to consider is a public safety career. Working in this role gives you the chance to go to work every day knowing that you are making difference by playing a part in making the country or parts of the country a safer place for your fellow citizens to be. There are various different aspects that are covered by a career in public safety with several options to consider depending on what your main interests are. Public safety professionals often deal with the prevention of crime, managing national security, and avoiding national emergencies to name a few. They will often be influential in key research that is conducted to maintain and improve safety and security and have influence over relevant policies.

7. Humanitarian Work

If you are heartbroken when you hear about the number of people that are living in war-torn countries and poverty around the world, a career in humanitarian work can be an ideal choice for those who want to be able to do more about this. There are several career options for humanitarians including working for charities that provide people around the world with the help and support that they need the most. You may decide to become an aid worker and travel to these countries and places to help people first-hand, or an administrative job where you influence decisions and policies that have to support and helping others in mind.

There are various types of humanitarian causes and roles to consider, whether you are interested in helping children who have been through abuse, elderly people who are suffering from health conditions, or people around the world who are living in poverty and fear to name a few.

8. Personal Trainer

Finally, if you enjoy fitness and want to do whatever you can to help others improve their life, health, and wellbeing, a career as a personal trainer might be something that you want to consider. This is the ideal career for those who believe that fitness is one of the most important things in life and have a passion for it that they want to be able to pass on to others and help them enjoy life to the fullest. As a personal trainer, you will be doing much more than helping people get fit – it’s a career where you can have a massive impact on others by boosting their self-confidence and helping them become physically healthier.

If you love helping others and want to do more of it, one of these careers could be a perfect choice for you.

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