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London is a wonderful place to travel and spend your summer vacation. There are so many places that you can visit and even more activities that you can do. This place has the power to please every single visitor, including the most demanding ones. The reason that London is an excellent destination is that each place is uniquely amazing.

One of the most incredible places that you can visit while staying in London is London Fields. This area is one of the most popular and busy places all over London. “London Fields” is the name of a park in Hackney, a flea market in inner London, and the area from the park to the London Fields terminal station.

So if you are planning to visit London Fields, you are pretty lucky. The reason why is because, in London Fields, there are dozens of entertaining activities that someone could try and enjoy himself in this place.

Here you can find the 3 most popular entertainment venues in London Fields.

1. isit Broadway’s market

The first fun activity that you must try while visiting London Fields is to visit Broadway’s market, which is one of the most popular markets in London. This market is the best way to experience the best of what East London has to give. There you can find many food stalls in which you can try fresh delicacies. Also, you can visit cute restaurants that serve delicious food and many other shops and pubs in which you can have a cold glass of beer. In case you love to try new foods and be absorbed in crowded flea markets, this place is the right for you.

2. Play crazy golf

If you are wondering if you can find a really fun and alternative activity while visiting London Fields, the answer to this question is yes. You can visit in London Fields for playing crazy golf with your friends. Crazy golf is almost like regular golf with the main difference that crazy golf is indoors. The goal of the game is the same for both categories, the player holds a mashie, and he tries to put a small ball into a hole down the floor. But the best thing about crazy golf is that sometimes there are obstacles between you and the hall which makes the game just more interesting and enjoyable.

3. Hackney Empire

Last but not least, another must-see place to visit in London Fields is Hackney Empire, which is one of the most famous theatres in London. This place has a variety of theaters, in which you can watch many plays from all over the world, for every taste and all kinds of audiences. There you can spend your time enjoying shows from family shows, opera, musicals, and stand-up comedy. So, if you are a theatergoer don’t dare to miss the opportunity to visit the Hackney empire and live to the fullest of the experience that a theater can offer you.

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