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Visiting a Greek island is a dream that many casual and experienced travellers have. Greece is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, turquoise waters, sunny weather, delicious food and excellent hospitality.

You must know that there are more than 200 Greek islands to choose from. As you can guess from the title of this article though, we believe that Rhodes is the ultimate summer travel destination. Why?

Reason 1: One of the biggest islands in Greece

When people travel to a new place, they usually like exploring popular spots and discovering hidden gems. Being surrounded by a beautiful place that keeps showing new and exciting locations keeps travellers excited about their trip. The size of Rhodes is perfect as not only are tourists never bored but also they will keep coming back again and again because there will always be something new for them to discover. The fact that it is the fourth largest island in Greece explains why someone needs more than a week to get about the whole island and why a car is necessary. If you hire a car on Enjoy Travel, you will be able to cover long distances faster, which means that you will get to see even more sights and areas than what you’ve imagined.

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Reason 2: The perfect island for history lovers

The glory and the influence of ancient Greece is perfectly reflected in the sights and attractions of Rhodes. You can see the rich history of the island just by strolling around its streets and squares. The centre of the capital city of the island, which is called Rhodes or Chora, is divided between the new and the old town. If you want to go to the old town, you will have to pass the mediaeval walls that protect it even today. The archaeological and historic places that you can visit in Rhodes are endless; the Acropolis of Lindos, the castle of Kritinia, the ancient city of Kamiros and the Archaeological Museum are just a few of the places you must go to.

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Reason 3: Its amazing beaches

It goes without saying that you will start most of your days by wearing your swimsuit and driving to a new beach so that you can enjoy and take full advantage of the turquoise waters, the golden beaches and the glorious sun. As you may be able to guess, coming up with a list of the best beaches on Rhodes is not an easy task. However, our favourite picks are Ladiko, Tsambika and Prassonissi.

Reason 4: The food

Greeks are extremely proud of their cuisine, and they make sure that they can offer the best dishes to both locals and tourists. Each area however has their distinct culinary traits and secrets, making every village and city unique. Of course, Rhodes is full of taverns and restaurants where cooks, chefs and bakers create magic every day. Do not miss your chance to taste the island’s specialities such as pitaroudia, lopia with goat meat and melekouni.

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