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Travel in Germany

No matter how old you are or what you expect from your trip, you definitely won’t be disappointed if you choose Germany as your next travel destination. From some of the hottest clubs, bars and restaurants to highly esteemed museums and galleries to various historical landmarks you’ll want to see, this country has a lot to offer to every solo traveler. If you’re a fan of big cities and you want to visit as many of them as possible while in Germany, you’re in for a treat, as this Central European country has plenty of those. In case you’re wondering which of them you should go to, here is a list of the most attractive ones.



What puts this incredible city on top of this list is neither the fact that it’s the biggest city in the country nor that it’s the capital. Whether you’re seeking supreme dining experiences, some of the most captivating museums or dynamic nightlife, you’ll find all of that and much more in Berlin. However long you decide to stay in Berlin, you’ll have plenty to do and see. In fact, the famous Museum Island alone, with all its art galleries and museums, will keep you busy for days. And when these get you in the right mood for all the culture you can handle, you might care to be seriously entertained by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra or Berlin Opera.

After all, Berlin is a world-famous city when it comes to its music and art trends, which is why you’ll be able to choose precisely the type of performances you fancy, whether you’re into music or theatre. In case you simply want to revel in the city itself, merely walking its street will keep you in awe. From the Mitte District boulevards to the Charlottenburg parks and gardens, the city bursts with both historical monuments and greenery to dazzle you. Finally, while there, perhaps you’ll want to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall, now covered with spectacular graffiti you certainly don’t want to miss out on.

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main

When people talk about Frankfurt, they usually stick to the topic of its international airport and the European Central Bank, which this city houses. However, this doesn’t do Frankfurt any justice, as it’s much more than the financial capital of Europe and a pile of concrete. It boasts its fair share of historical buildings and various other attractions, such as its towering skyscrapers or the lovely Römerberg square, with its fountain, adorable shops and gorgeous cafés and restaurants, where you can sit down and enjoy the view and feel the spirit of the city.

Those who love botanical gardens will have a blast in the Palmengarten, while those who don’t mind spending their time in museums will also find anything they want in one of Frankfurt’s museums, probably the most popular ones being the Museum of World Cultures and the Museum of Ancient Sculpture. In addition, a walk through the old town and seeing the colorful houses there is also an unforgettable experience, so don’t skip on the chance to spend a few days in this amazing city.



Munich, or München, as the Germans call it, is the capital of the Bavaria, which is a state in the southeast part of Germany. On the Isar river and right on the edge of the Alps, the location of the city already makes it incredibly appealing. What people tend to think of when they hear about Munich is the legendary Oktoberfest, the beer and the enormous pretzels, which draw millions of people into this otherwise quiet city for two weeks of festivities. As tempting as Oktoberfest might sound, there are so many other things to do and see in the city, meaning that you can choose any month of the year to visit it and have plenty of fun doing so. From the enchanting gardens and parks to world-class museums and an unusual cuisine variety in the many restaurants you can choose from, Munich is a wonderfully multicultural place.

If you’re into shopping, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so, whether in gigantic department stores, cute local stores or their charming flea markets. If you’re only there for a day, you can hop on one of the exciting Munich city tours, which allow you to explore the city at your own pace, since you can get on or off the bus at any point at one of the eleven different stops. That way you can see anything from the Munich City Hall to the BMW World and Museum to the breathtaking Schloss Nymphenburg, and spend as much time at each of these sights as you care to.



In the southwest of Germany, you’ll find the magical Heidelberg, a city that inspired many philosophers, writers, poets and painters, that it’s safe to say you’ll be just as stimulated by its allure. The small-town atmosphere, the idyllic cobblestone roads, the old town and the Old Bridge are just some of the reasons that drew Mark Twain towards this delightful city, where he came up and wrote the ending of his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Heidelberg is also the home of the oldest German university, which is still considered one of the top-ranked universities on a global scale. If walking these hypnotizing streets and the Philosopher’s Walk aren’t enough for you, you can always visit such places as the Heidelberg Zoo, Heidelberg Palace or the Student’s Prison, where they used to lock up students for days or even weeks at a time, as a form punishment for inappropriate behavior.


A stunning mixture of old and modern architecture and a massive cruise port, Hamburg will hold your attention and mesmerize you as soon as you arrive. Unlike most cities, this one can be explored by boat, due to the river Elbe and the large network of canals that flow straight through the city core, which makes Hamburg all the more inviting. This is also quite practical for tourists, as most of the sights and attractions are based in the city center. Plus, this means that there are plenty of Insta-worthy bridges to stroll across and view the city from.

Furthermore, Hamburg is the top destination for music enthusiasts from around the world thanks to its many popular clubs, but also the Elbphilharmonie complex, a remarkable building with two huge concert halls. So, whether you’re looking for wild nightlife or a relaxed day of wandering around and cruising the canals, Hamburg will always leave you wanting for more and it will lure you back to it over and over again.

With picturesque landscapes and cities packed with historical and cultural sights and plenty of content to meet the demand of any tourist, Germany is the place to be. And while there, be sure to spend some time in a few or all of these marvelous cities.

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