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planning your wedding anniversary at home

Ever since the pandemic damaged life all over the world, people keep on adapting and making the most of the limitations they have. Most of the days, people are at home. Every household is not just a place of comfort now but a place for everything including work and school.

However, for a couple who has been celebrating anniversaries over the years, COVID-19 is not a reason to hinder another milestone for marriage and family life. This year, there’s no fancy restaurant dates nor overseas vacation and tours, but there are simple and easy ways to keep the celebrations going.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary feels special at home. It is more intimate and you celebrate with your loved ones. It is a perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and look back on the most memorable day of your lives. If it sounds so good, well, it is possible at your home turf.

These wedding anniversary ideas are fit for those who are first-time anniversary celebrants or for those who are already counting decades of celebrations. Whether you are planning to make it simple and easy or you want to go the extra mile, you don’t have to step outside your homes with these ideas we prepared for you.

You can still keep the love alive by being safe at home and with the people that truly matter.

6 Wedding Anniversary at Home Ideas You Can Try

Here are just six ideas that are easy to execute and can be enjoyed within the comforts of your own homes.

breakfast in bed with your loved ones

1. Breakfast In Bed

Who would not love a great and complete breakfast in bed? Whether your husband or wife cooks the meal, it will be extra special. Amidst the work from home set up and busy weekdays, and late nights at home, coming up with breakfast in bed on your special day makes your home feels cozy again.

Prepare the favourite meal of your partner and serve it before he/she wakes up. This is the spark of love and affection that will last the whole day and could extend to another year.

If you’re not the type to don an apron and whip up a yummy breakfast feast, you can always order them online. You can even have delectable vegan treats delivered to your doorstep when you need them. For one, you can try a vegan bakery Sterling Heights that sells and delivers vegan pastries. You can have colourful Baklava trays and cookies and yummy customised cakes to surprise your loved one.

Exchange Wedding Anniversary Gifts

2. Exchange Gifts

One of the quickest ways to celebrate or remember your wedding anniversary is to exchange gifts, however, it is also hard to choose what particular present you want to give your loved ones. If you started this tradition at the beginning of your marriage, it would be easy to look for a gift because you can follow a list of wedding anniversary names and its recommended gift or present. For example, year one is paper and you may give your partner a clock as a present. Year two is cotton, year three is leather, and so on. The list is already online, so there’s no need to fret. You just need to be creative about it and you don’t have to take it literally.

Today, there is plenty of interesting stuff online that you can check out and find valuable and special for your partner. One sweet and romantic way of showing your love to your partner on your special day can be gifting a beautiful flower bouquet. Flowers would definitely bring a smile to your partner’s face to make your day. But the safest gift your can give is food. You can send your partner his/her favourite food and treats. Allow him/her to take a break from his/her diet and satisfy his cravings with a bag of chips or a bar of Belgian chocolate.

You can also give customised gifts with your names printed on the keepsake or any item. Customised gifts are unique, memorable, and heartfelt. You can find different customised ideas in brick-and-mortar shops and online gift stores. Moreover. most gift shops offer free name printing or engraving. Examples of customised gifts you can choose from includes personalised jewellery, signs, treat boards, couple’s shirts, and ornaments.

For sure, whatever gift idea you have in mind right now will be appreciated by your life partner.

Bake Sweet Treats and Desserts

3. Bake Sweet Treats and Desserts

If you want to dedicate extra hours learning with your partner, try baking. Learning new stuff can be a great and enjoyable way to unlock other talents or attitudes that your partner has. It is a way of surprising yourself with other things you can know more about your partner especially if you are one of the newly-wed couples.

However, you need to plan particularly the tools you need, the recipe, the techniques you need to know as new home chefs. Who knows after learning how to bake, you can venture into business and make it a constant activity within the household.

You can learn basic pastry baking by reading blogs and watching video tutorials. You can make different fruit or milk shakes if your spouse prefers cold treats. For lunch, you can make chicken macaroni salad with a twist by adding nuts and fruits. Moreover, you might want to try aphrodisiac desserts or sweet treats, such as banana pudding, spicy banana fritters, and chocolate honey almond tart for your wedding anniversary.

Go Down to Memory Lane

4. Go Down to Memory Lane

If you are celebrating decades of love and commitment with your husband/wife, it is great to go down memory lane. You can ask your kids to do their magic in preparing a video presentation that the family can watch or you can just have an intimate sharing of stories while looking at old photos.

If you have been married for a long time, this might be the best time to watch your wedding video with your kids and reminisce about your wedding day the way you remembered them. It would be fun to answer questions from your kids about who the guests were, what foods were served, who did the intermission, and what were the embarrassing moments, because there may be a lot you’ll remember.

You can also suggest new ways to create more beautiful memories. For instance, you can have an annual family picture taken by a professional photographer with a large photo frame copy that you can hang on the wall. Additionally, you can also make it a yearly family tradition to spend the whole weekend before or after your wedding anniversary with your kids. You can just stay at home and bond with your children while cooking, eating, watching your favourite movies, playing games, or just lounging around while sharing memorable stories from the past. Doing this can maintain your relationship with your spouse and your kids while creating new memories every year.

These kinds of simple and intimate conversations with your kids and your partner can never be traded with any other material thing. During these times of uncertainty, you must cherish every moment with your family and loved ones.

Recite Your Wedding Vows

5. Read/Recite Your Wedding Vows

If you still have your wedding vows, it is a great idea to read an updated version of your vows after years into the marriage. It a special way to look at how far you’ve come as a couple. It is also a great reminder of what things you can look forward to.

This will be an emotional moment but full of love and new promises.

6. Write Love Letters

Similar to renewing your vows, writing love letters posted all over the house can be an extra special way to execute a simple gesture of expressing your love and admiration for your husband or wife.

You can shower your home with words of love on the day of your wedding anniversary.

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