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We often see onion rings as a choice of side to go with a protein main, such as a piece of salmon, chicken cutlet or steak. Onions have a mildly sweet flavour when cooked and fried ones have an extra crispy texture that will get you hooked on snacking on them, one after another. Onion rings are also good when served on its own, accompanied by your favourite dip such as mayonnaise or ketchup.

Today we are here to share with you our non-breaded version of onion rings. We also prefer them thinner so it is crispier! This version is much easier and fuss-free as it does not require as many ingredients and steps. However, it is just as tasty as a blooming onion, except with much less coating so it is not as sinful. Make a bunch of this delicious dish to impress your partner now!

Ingredients (serves 2):

-1 large yellow onion
– Milk
– Vegetable oil for frying
-100g of plain/all-purpose flour

– Half a teaspoon of salt
– Half a teaspoon of black pepper
– Half a teaspoon of paprika powder
– Half a teaspoon of garlic powder


Step 1
Slice the onion into rings of your preferred size.
Then place them in a shallow bowl or container.

Slice the onion into rings


Step 2
Pour enough milk to cover the onions. Soak them for about 30 minutes.
This will help to remove the sharp, pungent smell of raw onions.

onion rings in Tupperware container

steps to make crispy onion rings

Step 3
In a Tupperware container (big enough to fit in the onions later), mix the flour with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder. Then close the container tightly and shake to mix them evenly.

steps to for homemade crispy onion rings

onions are coated with the flour mixture

Step 4
Drain the onions well and put them in the container. Close the container again give it a good shake, until the onions are coated with the flour mixture.

onion rings boil up to 180 deg C

Step 5 (Final step)
Heat your oil up to 180 deg C. Fry the onion rings in small batches until golden. Place them on a plate lined with a kitchen towel to absorb the oil. Serve it with your favorite dip.

non-breaded version of onion rings

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