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Travelling will take a toll on your body and mind. That is especially true when you’re travelling to a different continent and have to battle the jet lag and be accustomed to the time difference. However, even if you’re preparing for a road trip around your country or neighbouring countries, your body will notice that something has changed. To keep the immune system strong and prevent potential health issues, here’s what you should do.

Take vitamins in abundance

Take vitamins in abundance

If you’re not doing this already, now is the perfect time to start. Packing your body with vitamins is vital to fight off infections and inflammation. While some people go through changes in their everyday activities without a fuss, other people’s bodies will react to the change, and potentially make you feel weak and ill. From eating plenty of fruit and veggies to taking vitamin supplements, your body will need all the nutrition you can offer to stay strong.

sleep regularly

Sleep regularly

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or work, sleep will always remain essential for your body’s health. That is especially true if you’ve travelled for an entire day from Australia to Europe and your body feels exhausted. There’s only so much your body and mind can take before they send you the first signals that you need rest. Don’t risk overexerting yourself with wild parties and long nights, but allow practice regular sleep when you’re away from home. Even if you don’t see the warning signs on the trip, you will notice them the second you’re back to your old routine when your body will make you pay for everything you put it through.

healthy food

Eat well

A healthy diet is imperative for good health. Enriching your diet with vitamins, enzymes, and fibres will offer your body enough energy and prevent various illnesses. The immune system is particularly susceptible to infections when a change of environment happens, so you need to look after it. Fresh foods, lean meat, and plenty of citrus fruits for that vitamin C boost that keep the immune system strong, alongside freshly squeezed juices and water will be your best allies in fighting off disease. Hydrate your body with soup, tea, lemonade, and water to help the body flush out toxins quicker. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol because your body needs all the energy that alcohol won’t bring.

dental health

Check your dental health beforehand

Are you planning a long trip from Australia to Africa or further away? Even if you’re planning to visit a different part of Australia, you need to know whether your teeth are healthy enough to withstand a trip without emergencies. That’s why you should find the best dental lab in Australia and schedule a dental appointment with them. Detect any potential problems, including gum disease, tooth decay or cavities before the trip so you can have them fixed and prevent pain and discomfort during travel.

stay out of the sun

Stay out of the sun

When travelling to the seaside, many people don’t think enough about sun protection and staying out of direct sunlight. While wearing SPF is crucial, staying in the shade is even more essential. Even better, avoiding direct sunlight from 10 am until 4 pm is best. Not only will you avoid getting sunburnt, but also lower the risk of a calenture. Enjoy your vacation by being responsible and protecting your body.

tap water

Don’t drink tap water everywhere

While many countries worldwide have excellent water filtering systems, others have not reached that level yet. More often than not, you will find households with upgraded filtration use tap water for cooking, bathing and cleaning. On the other hand, you may end up in a private accommodation where tap water is only used for bathing and cleaning and isn’t suitable for drinking because of pathogens living in the water. It’s best to check with the locals beforehand whether you should or shouldn’t drink the water so you can prepare extra money for pre-bought water supplies from

Prepare for jet lag

Before travelling to a different time zone, you’ll need to prepare for jet lag. To prevent feeling like you’ve flown to a different planet, increase your hydration days before the trip. The last thing you want is to become irritable, exhausted and have trouble focusing after your Circadian rhythm is disturbed. Pack on travel tablets that naturally reduce the effects of jet lag if you feel like you’ll need a week to feel like yourself again. We suggest you arrive at the destination at least two days before you start your activities. That will allow you to have at least one day to stay in bed and recharge for everything that awaits you on the trip. One of the things that will help balance the sleep patterns with the time zone you’re in is an evening flight instead of a morning one.

Eat homemade food

Aside from packing on veggies, fruits and fresh food, it’s also essential to eat homemade foods. Whether you’re on vacation or travelling for work, we understand it can be challenging to stick to your old eating patterns. However, only by eating homecooked meals can you expect to build a strong immune system that can fight off infections and good gut health that will prevent bloating and other issues. That is especially true if you’re a digital nomad and travel constantly. Look for accommodations with a kitchen area where you can cook and serve healthy food. You can indulge in street food, so long as you’re not eating it more regularly than homemade meals. If you’re not a fan of everyday food preparation, decide on two days a week when you’ll cook and refrigerate or freeze food for the upcoming days.

Make the most of your trip by keeping yourself healthy and ready to explore the new destination. Only if you follow the tips we’ve listed will you be able to enjoy the vacation every day and stay out of harm’s way. Pack plenty of fruits and veggies for the trip, buy vitamin supplements, check your dental health in advance, and stay out of sunlight if you want to make a carefree trip for yourself.

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