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Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets

Having a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth. For those who use dental appliances such as retainers and aligners, it is a required routine to clean them daily, or do a deep cleanse weekly in order to prevent them from becoming dirty. While some may not be sure if they are really cleaning their dental devices effectively, some might also be using harsh cleaning methods such as boiling or bleaching to kill germs and remove stains, but such methods can cause damage to your dental devices. Pearlie White, a home grown Singapore brand which has established itself as a certified oral care brand and continues to develop new oral care products, has recently launched its new Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets. These tablets can be used to clean your dental devices effectively.

The Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets comes in a box of 42 tablets. Each tablet is individually packed in foil which makes it very convenient for you to bring around especially if you are travelling.

Pearlie White

Here are 3 simple steps to clean your dental device with Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets:

  1. Place your dental device in a bowl and cover it completely with lukewarm water.
  2. Release one tablet into the water and leave it for at least 3 minutes for instant cleaning.
  3. Discard the solution and rinse your dental device thoroughly with running water before using.

It is recommended to brush your dental device with a soft brush after removing it from the solution. If you think that your dental device needs a bit more cleaning to get rid of strong odours or stains, you can also soak it for over 30 minutes or till the solution turns clear. Prior to doing so, please check with your dentist that the material of your dental device can be in contact with cleaning solutions for an extended period.

This product can be used daily to ensure that your dental device maintained in clean and bright condition, free from odour, stains, plaque and tartar as it kills 99.99% of odour-causing bacteria. By keeping your dental device well-maintained, it can last longer and perform its function to its best.

Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets Review

Personal review

I used to clean my own retainers simply by brushing with a small amount of toothpaste and rinsing with water after each use. After trying these cleaning tablets from Pearlie White, I was convinced and have decided that I will continue to purchase and use them in the long run as it is easy to use and does a good job at cleaning my retainers thoroughly. It also leaves a slight minty scent which is refreshing and pleasant.

The Pearlie White RetainerClean Fast Cleaning Tablets 42s retails at a very affordable price of SGD 8.75 per box. Get them from major supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice or on their official website today!

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