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Are you planning a trip in the near future? If so, you’ll want to learn how to pack like a pro. In these days we’re living in, travel has turned upside down and expert travelers are now saying the best thing that you can do for a smooth and fun trip is to pack light. If you’re notorious for your large suitcases while traveling yet want to get around on a budget, follow these tips for more efficient and light packing:

Get the right luggage

The first step in efficient packing is making sure that you have the right luggage. If you’re traveling by car, an extra large duffle bag can be convenient and easy to pack all of your stuff in. However, when it comes to catching a flight, the kind of luggage that you’ll want to pack will be a bit different.

Because of issues with layovers and how notoriously luggage gets lost in this day and age, many people are learning how to expertly pack carry-ons, but the success of your packing has a lot to do with the kind of luggage you buy. Versatile yet small with plenty of room for stretching and growth while also being easy to carry and including extra pockets is the type of carry-on bag that you’ll want for an expert travel experience.

Bring versatile shoes

When it comes to packing for a trip, many people go wrong with the shoes they bring. If there’s anything that can make your bag heavier and that can require a larger suitcase, it’s shoes. For inexperienced travelers, the temptation to bring every type of shoe they could possibly need is overwhelming.

“What if I want to go dancing?” or “What if I end up on a hike?” are common questions that people have to bring more shoes than they’ll actually need. As you start planning a trip, consider the benefits of buying shoes that can be used for more than one occasion. The right pair of Chacos can double up as cute sandals with your beachy outfit while also serving a purpose for a long hike. Comfortable platform shoes can look cute for dancing while also being great for walking around town. It’s all about knowing your style and finding comfortable options for an easy travel experience.

Learn the art of packing

As you think about traveling more, you’ll want to start learning how to pack like an expert. It may take trial and error, but after losing luggage or having to wait days for your luggage to arrive at your destination, you may find that learning how to pack well is an art form that you’ll want to get good at. Follow travel blogs, ask your good friend who knows how to pack like an expert, or watch YouTube videos. Do what you can to learn how to pack like a pro.

Research well

When it comes to packing well, it’s all about bringing the things that you know you’ll need without going overboard. Instead of bringing a large jacket in your bag because “what if it gets cold at the beach in the tropics where it never gets cold” research the climate and weather before you set out. There’s no need to do guesswork when packing. Research and plan accordingly.

travel light

Packing accessories can help

From packing cubes to toiletry containers and packing folders for dirty laundry, there are so many packing accessories on the market today that make a world of difference for anyone looking to travel light but also travel efficiently. They can help you get more out of your small carry-on bag so that you have the things that you need but in a piece of luggage that will cost you less and always be by your side.


From packing with packing cubes to knowing how to buy the best luggage, follow some or all of these tips for better packing and subsequently, better travel experiences in 2023.

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