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Looking to indulge in quality maguro sashimi at affordable prices? Your search ends at Maguro Brothers! The concept is by Misaki Megumi Suisan, who are also responsible for the launch of Kuro Maguro at Gucco Tower, MAGURO-DONYA MIURA-MISAKI-KOU SUSHI & DINING (MAGURO-DONYA) at Suntec City as well as 20 restaurants around Japan. The 100 AM outlet offers sashimi connoisseur a wide range of offerings, including rare ones that are difficult to get elsewhere.

Special Cuts of Maguro

Misaki Megumi Suisan is a wholesaler of maguro and sashimi in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Misaki Megumi Saisan supplies Maguro and fresh fishes from Miura Misaki harbour, a landmark of Japan where fantastic maguro abounds all year round. A great master of maguro is on deck to cull high-quality tuna from the catch. The chefs will then practise shinkei-jime, which is the Japanese’s tradition of inserting a spike into the hind brain and destroying the spinal cord. Doing so would stop the production of lactic acid, and in turn the quality of the fish can be maintained. The tuna is then kept in a minus-60-degree freezer to maintain its freshness all year round.

3 cuts Sashimi

As such, all the offerings are at the peak of their freshness. At Maguro Brothers, you can tuck into highly raved sashimi such as Otoro (fatty tuna belly), Akami (meaty red tuna) and Chutoro (back and stomach). The rare parts of the maguro are also available here. The Toumi, or head toro sashimi, is served on ice — once it leaves the ice, it will melt very quickly due to its high fat content. The Behind the Eye cut has a texture reminiscent of beef fillet. The Dorsal, which is located above the chutoro, has a beef-like texture. Get to enjoy the Cheek of the maguro here as well. Prices start from S$62++ for a platter of 12 slices featuring 7 special cuts of Maguro.

fatty tuna belly

Other than sashimi, the restaurant will also dole out a range of cooked dishes that will please the palate. Requiring a one-day advanced reservation, the Grilled Hon Maguro Head ($188++) showcases bluefin maguro that is flown in by air cargo from Japan. Serving up to 4 to 6 pax, the Maguro head is seasoned with salt and sugar water for 24-hours, then steamed over high heat to a golden-brown crisp.

Grilled Hon Maguro Head

Maguro Ribs Saikyo Yaki

The Kyoto-style Maguro Ribs Saikyo Yaki ($29.80++) requires 4 days of preparation work, the cut is first marinated in salt and sugar water for 24-hours before being marinated with Saikyo miso for an umami punch for the next 48-hours. Then, they are steamed over high heat, producing tender and succulent ribs that will leave you wanting more.

Boasting a western influence, the Maguro Hohoniku Nanban Style ($16.80++) is deep-fried maguro cheek. Dip it into the accompanying tartar sauce, and enjoy it with marinated onions. Finally, there is the Maguro Eye in Nitsuke ($29.80++). The eye is simmered in a sweet soy sauce along with onsen egg. Besides the above-mentioned dishes, there are also other options to choose from, such as donburi sets priced from $17.80++.

Maguro Brothers location:

Address: 100 Tras Street #03-K1, Itadakimasu by PARCO, 100 AM Shopping Mall, Singapore 079027
Telephone: (+65) 6854 4394
Operating Hours: Closed on Mondays
Tuesday to Friday 11:30AM – 2PM | 5:30PM – 10PM
Saturday, Sunday & PH 11:30AM – 2PM | 5:30PM – 9PM
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

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