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Admittedly, after months of being stuck indoors, we are all craving a luxurious travel experience, right? It’s well past time to enjoy the finer things in life beyond the confines of a home or a neighborhood. Not only is it deserved, but it’s also essential for people to connect to and explore the world outside.

According to a survey, 75.7% of Americans say they are feeling excited about traveling again. People are eager to get out and see the world anew. With travel restrictions slowly easing up, now is the perfect time to plan for that luxury travel adventure in 2022.

Luxury Travel in 2022

Luxury Travel in 2022

When people hear the term luxury travel, exorbitant fees and expensive hotels can come to mind. These days, however, anyone can experience luxury travel with proper planning. Utilising tips and hacks can help you lower travel costs without sacrificing the luxurious feel you want.

Perhaps because of the prolonged isolation and quarantine periods brought about by the pandemic, the definition of luxury travel has dramatically changed. Now, it’s not just about first-class seats and fancy hotel rooms. It’s more about indulging in things considered valuable and worthwhile.

The pandemic triggered a demand for travel that allows social distancing and affordable longer stays. Safety is a top concern too. This focus and need for safe, private family adventures or extended work staycations have caused pivotal travel industry changes. It’s prompted hotels and hospitality businesses to make deluxe vacations available to everyone.

If anything, this is a clear sign for you to pursue luxury travel in 2022. Now is the best time for you to plan that much-awaited and greatly deserved getaway.

Making Luxury Travel in 2022 More Luxurious

Making travel feel more luxurious than what your budget actually allows is highly doable. It’s more about what happens during your trip than how much you spend on it. It’s also about the quality of your chosen indulgences. With these five tips, you can boost the luxury of your getaway.

First Class Flights

1. Skip First Class Flights

Traveling in style doesn’t always mean flying first-class. You can still feel comfortable in economy class by bringing a neck pillow and a small, cozy blanket. By saving money on airfare, you’ll have extra cash for a luxurious spa experience at the hotel. Or you can book a special guided tour for a more memorable trip.

Remember that the time spent on the plane is just a tiny fraction of the entire duration of your trip. Wisely choose where you invest your funds. If you can appreciate a less expensive seat, you can likely enjoy a more lavish experience later on.

2. Choose a Less Popular Destination

With so many people adding popular destinations to their bucket list, these places will swarm with tourists when crossing borders becomes easier. There is nothing grand in waiting hours to enjoy a resort activity or park facility.

Choosing an offbeat destination ensures that you get plenty of quiet and relaxation. This will also give you enough time to enjoy an authentic local experience at your leisure.

3. Use Your Own Vehicle

If you are vacationing in a different state within the country, you can also opt to travel using your personal vehicle. This tip is especially for those hitting multiple destinations because luxury can come from traversing at your own pace and time. There is no need to rush to the airport or join a crowd to board a bus or train.

Driving your own car gives you the freedom to have as many stopovers as you want. This option also gives you more time to visit local attractions along the way. Enjoying the local atmosphere is a great way to enrich your travel experience.

You can always fly back home once your vacation has ended and just have your car shipped. This will give you the chance to infuse the end of your luxury trip with relaxation. Car shipping costs can vary depending on distance, so just make sure to inquire and book in advance.

Luxurious Hotels

4. Skip the Luxurious Hotels

We often equate luxury travel with luxury hotels. This is not always the case. These days, modern villas and vacation rentals can offer luxurious accommodations almost on par with major hotels. Choosing vacation rentals will give you more space, which is ideal if you are vacationing with your family. It also offers flexibility and privacy compared to large hotels. Moreover, vacation rentals offer near or equal accommodation amenities as hotels.

Luxury does not always mean breakfast served to your room by a butler. It can also mean providing timely refreshments to your family without worrying about the bill when you check out.

5. Book in Advance

One of the best hacks to follow if you want to make your travel more luxurious is to book everything in advance. The sooner you finalise your schedule, the more money you save. A 5-day difference on your booking date can mean a massive difference in the rates. The farther out the travel and stay date, the more money you can save. By doing this, it means you can splurge on other items during your travel.

Another tip is to research the best days to book or check in to a hotel, as these can change depending on seasons and destinations. Taking care of these minor things makes a significant difference in your travel expenses. The more money you save on travel and accommodations means extra funds for special activities and services during your vacation.

To make the most out of your luxury travel, consider the entire journey. Don’t focus solely on seats and accommodations but instead concentrate on what you value the most when traveling. Be it privacy, food, activities, or amenities – where you allocate most of your budget can make a big difference in your entire experience.

Luxury travel is not frivolous; on the contrary, it can be a very enriching experience. Do more of what feeds your soul because that is the truest form of luxury.

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