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Concerts are events where every fan’s dream comes true. They contain that magical moment when you finally get to see and hear your favorite artists in real life. Once, you have only met them through watching them online, but concerts give you the most precious chance to meet them face-to-face. You always have a hard time moving on from each concert experience you get because it feels like a good night’s dream you don’t want to wake up from. Thankfully, you are not asleep during concerts. Rather, you are living the dream.

concert experience

Attending concerts is both fun and challenging. The fun part is composed of seeing fellow fans and being present in those grand occasions. Meanwhile, the challenging part begins from buying your concert tickets, continuing to planning your concert essentials, probably ending in having to stand up for a long time during the event. The last one is actually something you’d happily do though. You can avoid stress and be your best self during the concert!

Different concerts are different from each other. None is the same. What can remain the same is you blissfully existing there! Here are 8 ways for you to have an enjoyable concert experience.

1 – Get the ticket you won’t regret

Months away from the concert date, the artists’ celebrity management company and your local concert promoter will release an official announcement containing details about the concert. Besides the date and location, the ticket prices will be declared. The fan benefits will most likely be included there or revealed at a later date. At that moment, you will have to start thinking about what ticket to get.

It’s so easy to pick the section closest to the artists’ stage when you can afford even the most expensive tickets. The dilemma could come only based on some personal preferences you might have, such as wanting to be near the stage or wanting to view the entire stage. Nevertheless, if you do not have much money for such an event, you have to limit your choice according to your available and accessible budget.

Whatever it is, get the ticket you won’t regret. Make up your mind at least a day before the opening of ticket sales. Of course, your money must be ready as well. Be responsible with spending money on concerts, and at the same time, go for what will make your heart at peace.

2 – Prepare all the essentials for the big day

Some fans believe they only have to be present at the event, and leave everything on the artists’ preps. However, if you want to maximize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of that concert happening soon, you yourself must prepare for the big day, too!

Read about all the concert guidelines that will be posted by the local event organizer and the celebrity management company. Gather all the references. Check out the social media accounts of the artists’ local fan bases, and be updated for further announcements. Learn of any fan activities prior to the concert time. List down all the essentials that you have to buy and bring.

Set up your concert OOTD as well. Know if there is a dress code that the fan base encourages fans to wear on the day itself. If you are still planning to buy clothes, make sure you do so at least a week before, especially if you are ordering online. Get your concert bag ready, while taking note of the event regulations about the allowed size of bags and items inside the venue. If you want to get your face or hair spruced up, make early reservations in the salon, or prepare your DIY skills.

3 – Get enough proper sleep

You sure are excited to attend that much-awaited concert of your life. There’s a tendency that you will stay up late the night before the event because of last-minute preparations or because of uncontainable excitement. Everyone knows the feeling; it’s like you are going on a fun field trip as an elementary student. The happiness and thrill you feel keeps you up!

It’s understandable, but do your best to get enough proper sleep regardless. Try resting early. As much as possible, finish your work, school and other errands a few days before the concert, so that you will not need to stay awake while everyone’s asleep.

You need a lot of energy and verve not only for the event itself but also for the queuing, the waiting, the moving around. Your physical body must withstand all the tiredness by carrying enough batteries. So you do not get easily exhausted and sleepy, get some good shut-eye first

4 – Go with friends, or meet new friends

If you have friends or loved ones who are your fellow fans, too, go with them to the concert. That depends on their financial situation and availability, but if all is well, it would be great to have them as your companions. You really need someone to rely on if you are a first-time concert goer.

Anyhow, if nobody close to you can and will go, then that’s it; it’s a solo trip. Going to concerts alone may be quite challenging, especially if you are not used to being alone in social gatherings or if you are an introvert, but it is fun and fresh. Why? You get to meet new friends! You will meet new people who are fans just like you. Everyone attending is just like you, so you can relate with each other. What’s more, you are not the only solo concert goer; that is guaranteed. There are many solo attendees, too, who are also looking for a concert pal. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make new friendships!

5 – Fill your tummy before the concert

Concerts are often held in the evening, usually it’s the hour for dinner. It’s difficult and bothersome to attend a concert with an empty stomach. You might get dizzy, experience headache or stomach pain, or feel weak if you are hungry in the middle of a loud and crowded event.

For you to fully enjoy the lively concert, fill your tummy before the time of entering the venue. Eat early dinner as much as possible, but do not get too full also because your tummy might act up. You need vibrancy for the event. Your body should not fail you, and you should not fail your body. Have a healthy meal before the show.

6 – Bring home tangible remembrances

If there are freebies given by co-fans before the concert, do not be shy to ask for them. With extra budget, buy the event’s official merchandise. They are great tangible remembrances you can bring home.

7 – Take a lot of photos

They say it did not happen if you don’t have a picture of it. You do not really have to take that seriously because what happens remains in your heart and memories even if your camera doesn’t take a snap of it.

However, it will still be awesome to have pictures and videos you can look back to after the concert. While you suffer from post-concert blues, you can keep watching your own concert pictures and recordings. Take a lot of good photos of the artists, the crowd, your concert goods and of course, yourself!

8 – But capture every moment with your eyes!

You’ve read that right! Take a lot of nice photos, but capture every moment with your eyes. Open your eyes wide, and feel the life of the moment. The exact feeling of being present in that concert crowd cannot ever be caught and kept by cameras. They can only give a glimpse of how it looks and feels like, but being personally there cannot be shared to others precisely how it feels in person.

Do not cover your eyes with your cell phone. Take photos and videos, but keep your eyes on the stage, on the event. Enjoy it yourself. Embrace every second.


Have healthy fun. Live life gleefully. While you can still stand and walk, sing and dance, enjoy your life in good ways! Attending your favorite celebs’ concerts is one of them – one of the best, honestly!

The artists, their celebrity management company and the concert organizers do all they can to give fans the best concert experiences. Both the artists and the people behind their concerts work hard and exert all their back-breaking efforts to present themselves favorably as they meet fans across nations. With everything they do, fans like you can highly expect to have an unforgettable and remarkable concert experience.

The rest is up to you on how you will value those experiences and help make them absolutely worth-keeping!

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