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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and it has every right to be called the “Paradise On Earth” since it is so lovely. Kashmir valley is home to evergreen forests, crystal blue rivers, silver lakes, lush green hills, and freezing mountains. Beautiful scenery and untouched environment create such a captivating vista that one feels transported to another world.


You’ll explore religious sites, hiking trails, lakes, gardens, shopping districts, and incredible cuisines you’ve never tried before. This stunning environment provides an amazing stay in houseboats, five-star hotels, and resorts, giving you a reason to visit Kashmir again and again. There are many thrillophilia’s Kashmir packages available that include visits to some of Kashmir’s most popular attractions.

1. Landscapes to Inhale

There is unlikely to be a single individual on the planet who does not value nature. We all respect the spirit, but amid the hustle and bustle of city life, no one notices it. From the Pir Panjal Ranges to the magnificent and green meadows and zigzagging rivers, every inch of Kashmir valley is crammed with stunning, unspoiled parts of nature.

Kashmir’s spectacular beauty is created by mountains, lush forests, green meadows, grasslands, and water streams. From the Aru Valley to the Saffron Fields, Badam Vari, Apple Garden, Almond Trees, and Chinar Trees, it’s a slice of heaven on Earth. Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg are three of the most beautiful spots on the earth, and everyone want to return.

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2. Enjoy the Weather

Plan your trip to Kashmir during the hot summer months, when temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is much more magnificent in the winter when it is blanketed in white snow, which emphasizes the splendor of the scenery and makes for a fantastic experience. Even in the harshest summer months, Kashmir remains pleasant, and you may visit between March and May to witness the lovely flowers, green meadows, and Chinar trees. Overall, the Kashmir Valley is in the midst of a new spring season. The area is surrounded by beautiful nature, and the snow-capped trees look incredible while offering a calming environment for all. The jaw-dropping view of Srinagar could be seen at Dal Lake.

3. A Breathtaking View of Beautiful Lakes

Jammu and Kashmir’s lakes are breathtakingly gorgeous and clear. A boat journey over these lakes will provide you with a breathtaking glimpse of the surrounding landscapes as well as the majestic snow-capped mountains. Jammu and Kashmir is a true paradise in the world because of its gorgeous scenery. Every journey to Kashmir should include a ride on Dal Lake, and these lakes are the ideal reason to go. Floating marketplaces and gardens filled with the sweet scent of flowers, among other things, may be found here. Mansbal Lake is surrounded by gorgeous flora and mountains and is home to a variety of aquatic birds. Wular Lake is Asia’s biggest freshwater lake, and Wular Lake is Asia’s largest freshwater lake. The multiple waterholes in the state of Jammu and Kashmir form a magnificent environment.

4. Trekking activities with a Beautifully Adventurous Feel

Kashmir Valley is the ideal location for adventurous sports, flanked by the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain ranges and the perfect place for adventurous sports. You may go trekking on twisting and narrow, steep paths, skiing on sky-high slopes or exploring beautiful green woodlands; the area has a lot to offer an explorer looking for a wild and untamed portion of nature. While travelling to this lovely country, you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, and meadows. Trekkers can also go on the Arun-Valley Trek, Kolahoi Glacier Trek, and Yousmarg Trek.

5. Wildlife Safari Tours

Nature lovers will be rewarded by panoramas of vast terrain as well as the rarest species of wildlife in Jammu and Kashmir’s magnificent biodiversity. The state contains various national parks and sanctuaries to safeguard some of these endangered species. Hangul (Kashmir stags), leopards, wild cats, Himalayan black bears, Himalayan marmots, musk deer, and a type of wild goat can all be seen. Pheasants, golden eagles, and bearded vultures are among the Himalayan birds to be seen. Paintings, copper utensils, shawls, handicrafts, pottery, stones, arms, and metal objects are on exhibit in these museums as evidence of Kashmir’s exceptional sculptural execution. Some of Kashmir’s museums were once palaces that had been turned into museums.

6. Discover art and heritage In Kashmir’s museums

You can learn about prior events and the lifestyle of the ancient Kashmiri people in the museums that contain the grandeur of the state’s rich culture and legacy. These museums display paintings, copper utensils, shawls, handicrafts, ceramics, stones, arms, and metal things as proof of Kashmir’s excellent sculptural execution. Some of the museums in Kashmir were formerly palaces that were converted into museums. There are several art galleries with vintage clothing on exhibit, as well as an ancient literature library. The Amar Mahal, Dogra Art, Sri Pratap Singh, Kanchenjunga, and Stok Palace Museums are among the stunning museums in Jammu and Kashmir, where you can see wonderful paintings, ancient utensils, literature, and more.

There are numerous reasons why Kashmir is known as “Heaven on Earth.” Everything in Kashmir Valley is stunning, and you can’t take your gaze away from it. Make sure you participate in all of the above-mentioned activities. You will indeed discover Jammu & Kashmir’s authentic spirit and make the most of your vacation.

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