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Italian Rooftop Bars in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of Australia’s pride. For tourists visiting this dazzling city, there surely is nothing like it anywhere else in the country and in the whole wide world! From mesmerizing attractions that will make you want to look at them forever, to drool-worthy dishes that will make you want to eat the same thing over and over again, Brisbane does not disappoint!

Yet the better news is that Queensland’s capital city lets everyone enjoy both enthralling views and fantastic food while having so much fun and making so many beautiful memories! That is without a doubt! How is that possible? Well, there are different ways, but one of the most popular of them is through spending time on rooftop bars in Brisbane!

Rooftop bars in Brisbane offer nothing but the best panoramas of the city! You’re able to refresh yourselves with tasty drinks and yummy meals, and the jaw-dropping landscapes just make you feel so much more glee!

There is a long list of ideal rooftop bars that you shouldn’t miss in Brisbane, however, if you’re looking for something that will remind you of the taste of Rome and other surrounding cities, you can look for Italian rooftop bars in Brisbane! This is truly a helpful hack for those people staying in Brisbane but missing Italy’s cuisines or wanting to experience Italy itself. It’s like you can hit two birds with one stone because you can eat Italian dishes while you can revel in Brisbane’s spectacular visuals!

For a few suggestions on where to enjoy your time alone, with your significant other or with family or friends, the list below has been written. Check out these Italian rooftop bars in Brisbane, Australia perfect for dates and parties.

Cielo Rooftop

1 – Cielo Rooftop

Well-known for the grandeur sights it shares with guests, Cielo Rooftop is said to be the portal to seeing the magnificent skyline of the Italian Riviera. The wide view it provides from up above Fortitude Valley makes you believe in magic! Seemingly embraced by the city’s allure, Cielo Rooftop always proves that it’s one of the inevitable must-visit Italian rooftop bars in Brisbane!

Of course, it does not just advertise itself through the jaw-dropping vistas that can be observed on top of it. Cielo Rooftop’s sets of delectable dishes and thirst-quenching beverages confirm that it really is a high-rate rooftop bar! It specializes in creating the party’s megastar: Cocktails. Included in its cocktails’ menu are drinks curated from one of Australia’s top and award-winning bars, Maybe Sammy in Sydney. Wow, that’s among the many reasons why Cielo Rooftop is credible and is more often than not filled with guests!

A lift will take you to the top where you can get a kick out of the relaxing atmosphere and rejuvenating drinks and meals. Talking about their drinks, you can choose from different names that you’ll enjoy, which include the Martina Franca, the Rosa Spirito, the Venice Beach, the Santorini, the Azzurro, the Portofino and many more! As you can see, from wines, spritzes, champagnes, cocktails and eats, Cielo’s menus don’t hide that it is surely Italian!

What’s more, the furniture set on this rooftop bar is aesthetically pleasing. From the colors of the seating and tables to the hues of the skies, there’s nothing you’d want to miss! There are vibrant plants surrounding the area too.

Cielo Rooftop is a big location that can accommodate 120 seated guests and 200 standing. You’d be surprised to know that regular yoga classes happen on this Italian rooftop bar as well. When you thought it’s only perfect for birthdays, company gatherings, weddings and family bondings, it’s also perfect for learning and productivity!

Tetto bar

2 – Tetto

Good vibes paired with good food, oh what a lovely moment to share with good friends and loved ones! That’s what Tetto in Stafford Road makes you want to experience!

It is a great find as many customers say because food and drinks are all appetizing and refreshing, plus the location is totally appealing. The menu is not so painful to the wallet as well, so this rooftop bar is ideal when you’re sort of keeping a solid budget! You can have fun while not really being stingy to yourself.

Aside from the cozy indoor spot, there is an outdoor area decorated so prettily for your special occasions to be captured without anything less than beautiful. There are umbrellas where you can take shade under when the sun shines so brightly and warmly during daytime or when it rains a little too.

On afternoons, there’s a DJ sprinkling Tetto with pleasant-sounding music, which adds bliss to your visit. Of course, the views seen from above can never not amaze you! Sunsets are much more adorable to watch on Tetto as it certainly displays in front of your eyes one of the best angles to see Brisbane from, while you sip away their signature beverages!

This Italian rooftop bar on Everton Park Rooftop, sitting above Corbett and Claude, is one of the must-select options whenever you’re planning for your customised party venues. The management will make sure you and your squad bring home delightfully unforgettable stories to talk about later on. Tetto’s commendable customer service will make you want to go back soonest!


3 – Fiume

Found on the rooftop of Crystalbrook Vincent is a gem that you wouldn’t want to skip. It’s none other than the fabulous and fun-filled Fiume.

Covered with grace and posh, Fiume boasts splendor spectacles across the Brisbane River. It is the best place to escape the busy ground under the building it is on. The panoramic scenery is unprecedented, you’d want to freeze every precious moment forever. The infinity pool, the daybeds and the terrace altogether boost the coolness of the place! The whole bar is so Instagram-worthy, and nobody can say otherwise!

Regardless of whether you choose a gleeful celebration under the cheerful sunshine or a romantic date under the sky full of stars, you can do so in Fiume. It has an impressive list of cocktails locally acquired from Tamborine Mountain Distillery, and of beers and wines completely Italian.

Fiume is one of the best Italian rooftop bars in Brisbane where you can find elegance and deluxe from every space and corner. It is on top of the famous hotel, The Fantauzzo, which makes it an even busier and extra-special party location.

It would be interesting to discover also that Fiume is an Italian word that translates to the English word ‘river’. That’s so awesome because as mentioned earlier, this Italian rooftop bar with a modern, industrial setting, gives you only the most picturesque views of the Brisbane River.


The above-mentioned Italian rooftop bars in Brisbane are just some of the many lovely food hubs where you can weave together priceless memories with your family. There are so many more of them, plus you can find rooftop bars in various themes, genres and country-inspos, which make the Brisbane rooftop bar experience even more loveable and exciting.

Rooftop bars have always been extraordinary locations to cherish your time with loved ones. Providing mind-blowing cityscapes partnered with delectable food and beverages, they are to be on your bucket list once you visit Brisbane! Take note, you don’t need to have alcoholic drinks just to go up there and savor the breathtaking joy that rooftop bars give. You can be there to fill your tummy with scrumptious meals and healthier sips while filling your eyes and heart with merriment!

The sunlight falling towards the rooftop bars during the daytime splashes brightness and delight to every dear guest. In contrast, at nighttime, the heartwarming citylights are never to be missed! These are the highlights of rooftop bars that can give you the highlight of your trips and flights to Brisbane! Go there, and godere!

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