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Just because you have a pre-existing medical condition, it doesn’t mean your love and passion for travel are gone. It also doesn’t mean you can’t travel. With some proper preparation and knowledge on how to get treatment abroad and stay safe, you can easily become the adventurer you always dreamed of being. Here’s what you need to know about travelling safely and comfortably with a pre-existing medical condition:

Consult with your doctor

Don’t rush to book any trips and flights before you consult with your doctor. Tell them all about your travel plans, destination, transportation and activities you want to engage in once you arrive. Your doctor knows the most about your condition, so they can advise you on whether or not you’re fit to take your trip. Sometimes, even if they advise against the idea, your doctor can also recommend some other destinations or activities that are more suited for your medical condition.

travel destination

Pick a right destination

You might not be thrilled to let your illness boss you around, especially when it comes to your travel plans, but the destination choice can actually make all the difference for your safety and comfort. For instance, certain climate conditions might not be too good for your conditions. Or maybe some activities might be too harsh. In general, most pre-existing medical conditions love warm yet mild climates and moderate physical activity.

A road trip near home might be a great idea. When choosing accommodation, opt for the simplest possible option. Think all-inclusive resorts because they have everything you might need close by. You can also consider light excursions with plenty of rest and relaxation.

Look for treatment

If you’re travelling with certain medical conditions that require constant or frequent attention like kidney disease, it’s smart to look for accommodation that allows easy access to treatment. Today, you can simply check out and choose a destination, date and clinic you want to visit for your treatment and that’s it.

Travelling with chronic disease has never been easier thanks to these booking websites that offer easy, fast and safe dialysis reservations abroad. Once you have your treatment secured, it’s much easier to continue with the rest of your planning.

special travel insurance

Get special travel insurance

When getting ready for a trip with any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure to take out medical travel insurance. Unlike regular travel insurance, this type is created especially for people with medical conditions and disabilities and covers you in case of emergency treatment, special attention or inability to return home for treatment.

Proper medical travel insurance offers 24/7 helpline and medical help and all costs are covered by the policy. Even if you feel good before your trip, it’s best to have one of these in your backpack.

Pack well

When packing, your focus should be on your medication. This is important because you never know whether you can get extra medication in pharmacies at your destination. Consult with your doctor to get extra prescriptions to last you through your trip and a little bit longer just in case. Travelling is always uncertain, no matter how much you plan, and you might get stuck at your destination or get your luggage lost or stolen. This is not very likely to happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To avoid any issues at the airport or border, do some research on regulations when transporting medication, special liquids and medical supplies. Some countries might consider your medication illegal, so educate yourself on that as well.

Carry your medical information

Wherever you go, make sure to take photocopies of translated medical information concerning your case. This way, if something happens and you have to seek medical help from a local doctor, travelling with your medical history will offer a quick insight into your condition.

Prepare for the arrival

Exploring the destination is half the fun of every trip because it’s exciting, new and even a bit scary, but in a good way. While it’s fun to be lost among the picturesque streets and friendly parks, it’s not fun to be stranded somewhere unknown without any means to contact help. Before you go, write down all emergency numbers, find the nearest hospital and check out your local embassy rules. In case you fall ill on your trip or need immediate medical assistance, you’ll be glad to have these numbers on your phone.

Summing up

If you want your trip to be safe, comfortable and fun, you can never be too prepared. Hopefully, these tips above will ensure you have an exciting adventure and even forget all about your pre-existing medical condition.

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