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Why is eating seafood healthy? As we all know, seafood is a high protein food and has numerous health benefits. We have plenty of varieties in seafood like crab, lobster, prawn, shrimp, scampi, chitosan and several other varieties also.

delicious Grilled Crab Legs

Grilled Crab Legs Recipe is easy to make and will not create a mess in your Kitchen. You can serve this recipe with anything because it goes great with just about any side.

Two years back, when I was on my solo trip I tried this recipe for the first time. After coming back to my room, I researched this particular recipe and found a lot of suggestions for this mouthwatering recipe.

You too can learn to make this recipe of Grilled Crab Legs at home by following the steps mentioned below. This Grilled Crab Legs made at home would surely give you the supreme time.

Benefits of Grilled Crab Legs

You all might be having a list full of questions in your mind like Are crab legs healthy to eat? What are the side effects of eating crabs? What are the benefits of eating crab legs?

So, here is the answer to all your complicated questions which are revolving in your mind. Do you know? Various researchers and nutritionists affirm that it is nutritionally safe to consume. They also state that Crab is an essential addition to a healthy diet plan.

The crabs sold in supermarkets are not more than 100 grams in size. I think this much information is enough to give this recipe a quick start.

Come let’s see how to make Grilled Crab Legs at Home.

Ingredients for Grilled Crab Legs Recipe

Ingredients Amount
King Crab Legs 6 Pounds
Salted butter 1 Cup
Basil (chopped) 4 tbsp
Garlic (minced) 8 cloves
Lemon (juiced) 2
Sweet Rub 2 tbsp

All the ingredients are mentioned in the list with the amount of quantity required to make Grilled Crab Legs at Home. Let’s see how much time it will take to make this complete recipe.

How much time will it take?

Prep time: 30 minutes, Cook time: 30 minutes, Total time: 1 hr, Servings: 4

Now, you will get an idea that how much time it is going to consume to prepare the whole recipe. Let’s proceed further to the final destination of this Grilled Crab Legs Recipe.

Grilled Crab Legs Recipe

1. First of all, preheat your grill to 225 degrees.
2. Make sure one thing that all of your crab legs are split and put them on a baking sheet.
3. Mix several other ingredients together for seasoned garlic butter in a bowl as mentioned in the ingredients list.
4. Spoon the seasoned garlic butter over the uncovered meat of the crab.
5. Place the crab legs on the grill grates, close the lid and grill it for a minimum 30 minutes.
Serve it with hot seasoned butter and lemon wedges which will give your recipe a different twist. I am sure that your friends and family have eaten Grilled Crab Legs in a Seafood restaurant, so making these at home will surely surprise them

Nutritional Facts of Grilled Crab Legs Recipe

This breakdown of nutrients will help you in taking precautions for your health and for those who are a gym freak and are diet conscious too, this table of nutrients will guide you accordingly.

Calories 597
Carbohydrates 11 g
Protein 33 g
Fat 47 g
Cholesterol 193 mg
Sodium 1831 mg
Potassium 509 mg
Sugar 1 g
Calcium 194 mg
Iron 4.1 mg

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