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Coffee is an integral part of the life of every coffee lover. For some people, this means buying a giant cup size of McCafé every morning. Meanwhile, there are those of us who prefer brewing our own coffee by ourselves. In this case, investing in coffee-making machines is a must. But since most of these machines were initially designed to be used only in the kitchen, it has left us patronizing the cafes whenever we are away from home, for so many years. Luckily, over the last few years, coffee machine manufacturers such as AeroPress have been rolling out systems that can be used to brew coffee on the go. However, not everyone knows how to use these mini travel coffee makers. And that’s why I have created a complete guide that shows you how to make coffee in travel AeroPress. See it below.

STEP 1: Get Everything You Need To Make Coffee In AeroPress Go

Every coffee lover, whether going backpacking, camping, or kayaking, needs a setup of a mini coffee kitchen that they can carry around with their AeroPress Go coffee maker. As a camper, your setup must include a portable stove for boiling water, jars of syrup and sweeteners, bottles of milk, and bags of your favorite ground coffee. But for a day road trip or a journey to the office, a portable stove can be swapped out with a flask of hot water (or a cooler of ice cubes, if you enjoy your coffee cold). You may also need napkins and bottles of water to clean up and rinse your coffee maker with after the process.

STEP 2: Brew Your Coffee In AeroPress Go

Now that you have your mini mobile coffee kitchen ready, it’s time to make your coffee and enjoy it. Follow the steps below;

  • Pick your travel AeroPress and push out its plunger from the coffee chamber.
  • Bring out the included filter cap and wear one of the added filters into it.
  • Carefully lower the filter cap into the chamber and twist it into position.
  • With the filter cap locked in the chamber, sit the chamber on a mug (AeroPress comes with a mug).
  • Pick the included scoop and measure one scoop of grind coffee into the chamber.
  • Note that this scoop is an 8 ounces cup of coffee so if you want 16 ounces, use two scoops.
  • Heat up some water or use the hot water you have in your flask.
  • Pour the hot water into the coffee chamber and stop at level 1 or level 2, depending on the size of coffee you’re making.
  • Pick a spoon and stir your coffee for 3-5 minutes.
  • Insert your plunger into the chamber to plunge your coffee for 2 minutes.
  • Transfer the coffee from the chamber into a mug.
  • Enjoy it as an Espresso or add milk, sweetener, and whatever flavor you want.
  • Rinse your mug and wipe every mess with a napkin after the process.

Do you see how easy that was?

In Conclusion

Homemade coffees are simply the best. Not only are they made to your taste but you also get to make them in the right amount while saving money. But brewing a cup of coffee on the go is not as easy as doing it at home in a kitchen. But with this easy guide and your AeroPress coffee maker, it gets easy. You can also check this post to discover 7 tips for successful food-packing.

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