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It has been about a week since the government started this Circuit-Breaking system which restricts everyone in Singapore from going anywhere except to get food and groceries, unless you belong to the workforce providing essential services. Each day the measures become tighter and stricter, with the penalties going from a warning to a $300 fine, to a $10,000 fine and even imprisonment up to 6 months.

While some may be coping just fine with staying at home, many others are unable to bear the thought of having to stay home 95% of the time for an entire month, or even beyond in the event that the government decides to extend it. People are running out of things to do so here are a few activities we suggest you can do to keep yourself occupied and entertained.

watch your favourite Netflix movies at home

1. Netflix

This is one of the most popular ways to kill time now. With an endless selection of movies and drama series to choose from, it is easy to pass time, just sitting on your couch and watch one episode after another.

If you have yet to sign up for a plan, now is also a good time to do it as Netflix is currently offering a month-long free subscription. Choose your relevant plan and start watching your favourite shows now!

learn cooking at home during covid-19 outbreak

2. Learn to make your favourite food

Cooking is a life skill which is especially essential now. Constantly ordering take outs and food delivery is definitely going to leave a hole in your pocket and that is the last thing you want as the economy is not doing well currently. However, we agree that cravings still have to be satisfied, so learn to cook your favourite dishes, tweak the recipes to your liking and you might find that you can make it even better than the one from your favourite restaurant!

Who knows, you might even be able to show it off to your friends and family when we can finally have a party at the end of this stay-home period!

play your favourite games at home

3. Play Games

Playing games is one of the easiest ways to pass time, just be careful not to get too addicted! You don’t need a lightning fast internet speed or professional gaming equipment; even mobile games can be so entertaining these days. With their beautiful graphics and interesting features, they can keep you hooked for hours on end.

Adult Colouring

4. Adult Colouring

Adult colouring has proven to be beneficial to your health, especially in the mental aspect. You can consider it a form of meditation as it helps to reduce stress and anxiety by replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Colouring is a simple activity that everyone can do. You don’t have to be great at art and create a masterpiece, just enjoy the therapeutic process and you may fall in love with it.

5. Spring Cleaning

Your home is where you will be spending most of your time for the next one month, so this is the best reason why you should tidy it up! We know it can be a chore to do spring cleaning, but many have found joy in doing it by applying certain hacks and tips, such as the KonMarie method. Having a clean and tidy space to live in will also help you feel better about staying in.
Do a bit of charity at the same time by donating your unwanted items such as clothes and books that are still in good condition.

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