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Chill and Romantic Honeymoon Trip

Wedding is a wonderful excuse to get everyone you love together and party like there’s no tomorrow. Your family, friends, colleagues, photographers, caterers, decorators, and of course the bride and groom, all have an important role to play at the wedding. After all, the organizing fuss is over and you’ve had the happiest day of your lives, you can embark on your honeymoon—a trip that will help you relax and start your joint life on the right note. In order to have a memorable honeymoon, here are a few trip planning tips to keep in mind.

Pick a honeymoon destination

Pick the destination

Don’t even try to find a perfect honeymoon destination. No destination is perfect in itself, but you can do your best to find something that will perfectly fit your individual needs. Your honeymoon destination should fit the type of vacation you and your spouse would like to have. So, start your planning by discussing what you want: something romantic, something adventurous, something relaxing, something luxurious, etc. Once you settle on the type of vacation you want, it will help you narrow down the destinations. Next, you can list down five destinations that fit your theme, bring that number down to two and finally settle on your honeymoon destination—that’s the easiest way to make this big decision.

Book your accommodation for honeymoon trip

Book your accommodation

Bad accommodation can really ruin your honeymoon, so make sure to book a reliable hotel. When booking, make sure to go through all your accommodation options, read customer reviews and travel blogs, speak to people who have visited the place and find a reliable website for hotel ratings. As soon as you settle on a hotel or resort, book it—advance planning will save you a lot of headaches later and give you the best room rates and choices. And don’t be shy to inform your hotel about the purpose of your vacation. If you let the hotel know that you’re on your honeymoon, you can get better service or even some special treatment. Most hotels also offer honeymoon packages with complementary services like couple’s massages, romantic dinners, good room views and such.

Pack smart for honeymoon trip

Pack smart

Packing light and packing smart will let you forget all about lugging suitcases and bags from destination to destination and all through the airport, transfers and hotels. Ladies, it’s impossible that you’ll need 10 pairs of shoes on your vacation. Gentlemen, you don’t need all those gadgets and camera accessories. To pack light yet right, check the weather at your destination and pack clothing accordingly. If you have time, you can pack your clothing by outfits and you won’t leave out anything or over-pack. Here’s another life-saving tip: if you’re planning to buy any adult toys, make sure to pick out something small and compact for your trip. While all sex toys are super fun and nothing to be ashamed of, you don’t want anything big to pop up on the security monitor at the airport.

Schedule one or two surprises

You certainly want to plan your honeymoon together with your partner, but don’t hesitate to keep a few romantic surprises a secret. Anything that’s too pricey or takes a lot of time should be discussed as a couple, but a surprise couple’s massage, romantic bath or a special dinner at the beach will be a perfect way to surprise your spouse and create a more romantic and memorable vibe on your honeymoon vacation.

Don’t start your trip without a good camera

Don’t start your trip without a good camera

It would be a shame to go through all this planning and not come back with some amazing photos. While photoshoots shouldn’t be your priority on your honeymoon, they surely can immortalize your first vacation as a married couple. So, invest in a good camera or rent one (make sure to look up a few tips on how to operate a camera online). Carry an extra memory card as well. When you look at your honeymoon pictures years later, you’ll be so grateful you listened to this tip.

This special time in your life deserves a very special vacation, so be sure to plan your honeymoon with care and make it completely tailored to your needs. Some smart planning, early booking and a generous sprinkle of romance will make your honeymoon trip relaxing, fun, romantic and unforgettable in every sense.

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