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A wedding is one of the most delightful times of human life and is a magical moment for everyone. During the wedding, the couple exchange vows, and promise love and absorption forever. Throwing a great event like a wedding can be a beautiful procedure, but on the other hand, this kind of preparation needs a lot of patience and a lot of time. In case you are planning your wedding all alone, consider asking for help from a professional. The best option is to hire a wedding planner, such as for helping you with every single detail and design for you the wedding of your dreams.

Greece is well known for its beautiful and magical islands that are located all over the ocean. This is the main reason that Greece has become the number one destination for weddings.

Greek islands can be a very romantic destination for throwing a wedding ceremony. On these islands, you can admire some of the most wonderful beaches around the world and many other natural beauties that are hard to find in other places.

In case you are interested in planning your wedding in one of these Greek islands, here you will find the 3 most spectacular Greek islands for throwing your wedding ceremony.

Milos island

1. Milos island

Milos island is the rockstar of the Cyclades and it’s located in the Aegean sea. Milos island has more than 70 different wonderful beaches with crystal waters, the thing that makes Milos different from other islands is that it is placed in a volcanic area. In Milos, you can choose among many little chapels with ocean views, or you can choose a beautiful beach as the ideal place for your ceremony. Last but not least, Milos is famous for many picturesque locations, and this would be a plus if you are planning to have a professional photo shoot with your other half.

Get a good place to stay in Santorini

2. Santorini island

The second island that is famous for planning a wedding ceremony is Santorini which is one of the most dreamy destinations to celebrate a beach wedding. This island is located in the Cyclades and many parts of the island are volcanic. Santorini is famous for the beautiful sunset because it makes the sky look like an amazing painting, colored with purple and pink hues. The sure is that this scenery is the perfect one for your ceremony. Santorini island offers many luxury venues where you can choose for your wedding receptions. This island is going to make your wedding memories hard to forget.

3. Corfu Island

Last but not least, another beautiful and magical Greek island for planning your wedding in Corfu Island. This island is the perfect option for those who prefer an elegant wedding. Corfu is an island with beautiful and romantic architecture with Italian influences, fairly known as the princes of the Ionian Islands. This island is perfect for any kind of wedding, either you want a big ceremony with a lot of people and great decoration or a smaller wedding with your closest friends and family.

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