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This summer, our family decided to try something different by spending our vacation on a yacht, exploring the breathtaking coastline of Lefkada, a stunning Greek island. As we all love the sea and have a chance to spend some time in the lap of luxury sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, we decided to take a yacht charter in Lefkada. This beautiful island in the Ionian Sea offers numerous attractions that will make your visit here truly memorable. One of the many reasons we visited this island is its proximity to the Greek mainland (there is a causeway link). The easy proximity to the mainland allowed us to see all the beautiful and historical places in Greece without sharing space with hordes of tourists.

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Even though Lefkada is close to the Greek mainland, it feels like a different place because it is more secluded, and the secluded nature means that the natural beauty is almost entirely untapped.

A Great Sailing Hub

Sailing to Lefkada is quite simple, as it is one of the top sailing hubs in the Ionian region where you can see countless boats moored. Here you can easily find a yacht charter in Lefkada at a highly competitive rate. If you are looking for a larger yacht, you should visit the Nikiana or Nydri towns, where you can find many businesses that offer ferry or yacht services to nearby beaches and isles. If you have experience sailing on a yacht, you can easily hire one and sail across the coastline with your family to have a great holiday and enjoy the freedom of sailing on a yacht.

The Amazing Beaches

When you visit Lefkada on your yacht (especially the east coast), you will be greeted by beautiful coastlines dotted with coves ringed by scented pines and fringed by pebbles. The haunting beauty of this place is further enhanced by small fishing villages and many secluded beaches like Alonaki and Kamari, which you can access only by boat. We dropped anchor near one such empty cove and enjoyed a great meal (that we prepared on the island itself). We spent a lot of time exploring, swimming, sitting and chatting, and having a great time together.

The south and west coasts are a bit different from the eastern coast of Lefkada. Compared to the east coast, in this part, you will find sheer cliffs surrounding beautiful white beaches stretching into the Ionian Sea. Some stunning beaches you should visit include Egremi, Porto Katsiki, and Paralia Gialos.

Places to Visit in Lefkada

Lefkada is a great tourist destination you can visit and enjoy at your convenience by yacht charter in Lefkada. Some of the fantastic places we loved beside the white sand bays include the summit of Mount Elati, which seems to rise from the ground to provide a majestic view surrounded by the sparkling Ionian Sea. Additionally, you can visit some of the beautiful villages that dot this island and century-old Orthodox churches, the architecture of which can take your breath away. You can also visit the famous ruins of Crete and Santorini, which are well preserved.

The Weather

The weather we experienced in Lefkadawas bright and sunny, and the temperature hovers around 60 to 90°F. If you plan to take a yacht charter in Lefkada, you should avoid the late fall and early winter because, at these times, intense storms lash this island and make sea travel very uncomfortable.

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