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Flower Chandeliers At Home

Chandeliers are very popular light fittings or fixtures for deluxe hotels, high-end event venues and luxury homes. They are so famous, especially when that one artist made a song with this lighting as its title. But did you know that nowadays, there are new and exceptional chandeliers going super trendy all across the world? What’s shocking is that they don’t light up with a light bulb but with… plants and posies! What are they called? Flower chandeliers.

You have read that right, and you are imagining them right. A flower chandelier is a combination of flowers and a chandelier. Basically, the flowers are gathered together, arranged and decorated to form a chandelier style and shape, following a sturdy frame. Instead of light bulbs suspended from the ceiling, flowers mixed with leaves are. Well, some variations include a few bulbs, but these are firstly considered as displays, so the bulbs are optional and rare for standard flower chandeliers.

Although these hanging attachments are oftentimes seen as mere decorations for celebrations, gardens and residences, they function more meaningfully than you know and see with your naked eye. They are significant and superb, and for your dear home, here are 10 reasons why these flower chandeliers are NOT just for fun! Yes, they are not ordinary home accessories. Unravel why!

1 – Flower chandeliers are gorgeous on their own

Observe flower chandeliers. Stare at them. What do you see? Beauty. No deny, no question, no doubt. Flower chandeliers are just so gorgeous on their own. Without any other accomplice, their allure is going to captivate you! You will agree that these flower chandeliers really are no joke when you see them glimmering in front of your own eyes. Their glamor is not for clout because it gives anyone looking at these floral attachments a wonderful feeling indeed!

flowers at home

2 – These decorations are jaw-droppers and head-turners in houses!

Yes, they are decorations, and they prettify home interiors and even exteriors, but their comeliness does not end there! Beautiful is an understatement. Flower chandeliers are jaw-droppers. Because of their charming sightliness, every visitor who enters your house gets amazed and curious about these home decors.

Furthermore, these floral chandeliers are head-turners! It’s impossible for anyone to not keep their eyes on these nicely suspended fastenings. The first look will be long, and a second, third, fourth look will be necessary. They are eye-catchers, and the reason is obvious. They are stunning and wowing!

3 – Flower chandeliers bring nature inside your home

A little nature is needed indoors, where walls are what you see wherever you turn your eyes to. Flower chandeliers are a smart and cozy way to bring nature inside your home without hassle. What makes them even more fantastic is that they do not use up needed floor spaces, unlike big flower pots and planters. Such a boon!

fresh fragrance flowers

4 – Fresh flowers spread fresh fragrance indoors

You do not need artificial air fresheners when you have naturally fresh blooms hanging indoors through a flower chandelier. They carry and spread fresh fragrance inside your dear home.

5 – Flower chandeliers help improve air quality

Related to the previous number, air quality is also improved when you have flower chandeliers since unpleasant odors are prevented by sweet-smelling posies and plants. They help enhance the condition of air that circulates indoors. Plants and flowers filter the air when photosynthesis happens. Furthermore, these flowers exude oxygen needed by humans and take in carbon dioxide, which humans release. It’s a give-and-take system that benefits both poles.

old chandelier frames

6 – You can do them yourself, using old chandelier frames!

If you’d canvas professionally crafted flower chandeliers, expect that they are quite high-priced. It’s apparent; they are big, fresh and splendid. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to or can’t buy the whole thing yourself, you’d be happy to find out that you can come up with your own flower chandeliers as well.

Yes, that’s right. You can do them yourself, using old chandelier frames for the base. Of course, you just have to buy and use fresh blooms and integrate other apt ideas to make the flower chandeliers look brand new!

7 – Flower chandeliers can be placed in any room at home

Although they are often seen and used in luxury hotels and celebration venues, flower chandeliers can be placed in any room at home. If you want them in the living room, go. In every bedroom, why not? In the bathroom? No problem. In the dining area? Don’t hesitate.

Wherever, these floral attachments can be hung. Just consider the size of each in case you are planning to have multiple flower chandeliers at home. If you’ll have a lot, small to medium sizes fit other rooms other than the dining room and the living room. Ask help from pro custom home builders to decide where and how to affix them.

floral chandeliers

8 – You can choose your blooms and customize your floral chandeliers

While they are already so appealing, you can also choose your blooms and size your floral chandeliers. Wow, what a piece of tear-jerking news for homeowners who love making handicrafts. This one’s a big personalization project though, so ask help from your trusted custom home builders if you need to.

You may pick the type of flowers you want and the arrangements you desire. This is very helpful when you have an interior design that you want your flower chandeliers to match with.

9 – Flower chandeliers can transform your simple home into an elegant celebration venue

When you have birthday gatherings, reunions and other remarkable occasions to be held at home, you won’t need to stress yourself out because of decorating your house. That’s when you have flower chandeliers!

They automatically transform your simple home into an elegant celebration venue. If they can color your regular days, they can splash more vibrance to your already exciting home parties and family bondings! They got your back, especially when you’re too busy to manage home party decorations. Flower chandeliers are always ready to make magic happen in an instant!

seeing flowers can improve your health

10 – Arranging and seeing flowers can improve your health

Generally, flowers have therapeutic properties. They are used in food, drinks, herbal medicines, ointments, and skincare products. Aside from their physical benefits to humans, the act of arranging flowers uplift your mood and relax your mind too. When you personally do flower chandeliers, you can look forward to feeling calm and refreshed.

Lastly, even just seeing flowers can bring in happy vibes and alleviate stress. Thankfully, these flower chandeliers are for sure not only fun decorations; they have something good to do with people’s health too.


Oh, wow! So that’s how astonishing flower chandeliers are! They step up the physical appearance of your home as they stimulate a better living quality inside it. For your special home gatherings, they never fail to splash grandeur and grace in the midst of you and your guests. They can also be done by yourself and customized as you desire, and these enable you to enjoy the process, yielding worthwhile benefits to your health in and out of your body.

The flower power of flower chandeliers is beyond their beauty and freshness, and that’s doubtlessly amazing!

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