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We all love to travel, but the flights to our destination and back are what we dread most. It is tiresome because we have to find ways to keep ourselves entertained (without the internet), it is hard to fall asleep on the plane and the food on air is terrible. Oh, and those horrible turbulences. It is difficult to make a flight experience dreamy (maybe unless you are flying business or first class) but we are doing what we can. Here are some flight essentials you need to bring along to make the flight more bearable.

Portable Charger and USB Cable

1. Portable Charger + USB Cable

We are sure you will be bringing some sort of gadget to keep yourself entertained throughout the flight hours, be it an Ipad, Kindle, Nintendo or your phone. Most planes nowadays have a charging unit but the output is not great. And if you are unlucky, the one for your seat is not working. A portable charger and USB cable are basic essentials that you will definitely need for your trip, so bring them along on to the flight with you, full charged.

2. Sanitizing Wipes

You can’t see it, but the plane can be quite germy, so sanitizing wipes are essential. The tray table, seat belt and arm rests are places that we advise you to clean. Since you will be in contact with this space for a long time, it is best to keep it clean to lower your chance of getting sick. You don’t want to risk having to stay indoors for your vacation! Also, make sure you bring extra if you are travelling with kids.

3. Jacket

It can get pretty chilly on the plane, and some airlines do not provide blankets (which might not be enough, even if they do) especially if you are travelling on a budget flight. It is always better to have your jacket with you so you don’t catch a cold during your flight.

4. Travel Pillow

Long flights can be quite dreadful, especially for those who have difficulty in falling asleep. Bring along a travel pillow (or neck pillow) which will offer much more comfort and prevents you from getting a stiff neck after staying in a position for a long time.

Do be mindful about the brand or material of the travel pillow you are purchasing as they may not offer the same level of comfort.

Sample-sized Skincare Packs

5. Sample-sized Skincare Packs

We strongly advise you to do some skincare while on the plane because the air is really dry and the UV rays from the sun are also stronger due to the high altitude, especially if you are seated near the window. You are not allowed to bring more than bottles of liquid with 100ml of capacity, so pack light some small-sized samples of moisturizers to save your skin on the flight.

Don’t forget your lip balm with an SPF factor too!

6. Noise-cancelling Earphones/Earplugs

It can be pretty noisy on the plane so noise-canceling earphones or earplugs will come in handy especially when you are on a long flight and need to catch some sleep, or need entertainment such as listening to music or watching movies without having to increase the volume excessively. They may be more expensive, but we think that it is worth investing in for the sake of your ears.

pen for your travel trip

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7. Pen

When travelling, it is common that certain countries require you to fill in some information on a document such as an immigration form, which is to be done before you are allowed to cross the immigration counter.

The flight attendants usually inform the passengers and hand these documents around during the flight and it will be so much more convenient to have your own pen rather than having to look for someone to borrow it from.

cookies for your travel

8. Your favourite snack

Let’s be honest – food on the plane tastes horrible, in most cases. When flying at such a high altitude, our taste buds do not function normally as they would when we are on the ground. The food that is served on air is also far from fresh, so there is no way they can be gourmet in the slightest way.

Bring a packet of your favourite snack to comfort yourself and prevent yourself from getting too hungry especially if you are one of those who absolutely refuse to touch the food served on the place, maybe except for the fruits.

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